“Not failure to achieve energy independence, but lack of vision is the bigger crime” rs


Orlando; arriving passengers are directed by their I-phone to the appropriate ground transportation terminal for immediate access to an electric vehicle bound for their final destination, a vehicle whose size has been determined by the number of people and number of destinations on the route. Luggage is handled in a separate underground system and is delivered directly to the passenger’s hotel room. Wow! They have another day maybe two for enjoying the sights and sounds of Disney World.


Transportation demand management says the individual, group or item needing transportation should communicate their location, destination and times required for departure and arrival to the system. The system will determine the most efficient cost effective form of transportation.


Communication is the key to changing the present system of transportation which results in freeways clogged with single occupant vehicles, airports with people sleeping in them for days and rail stations with "People Pushers" to pack the limited number of available rail cars with the maximum number of people. Why go backward to slow speed “HSR” rail that will only disrupt the best freight system in the world.


The clarity of the mission reduces the need for detailed involvement by the federal government as the entire world is focused on achieving the goal. The potential for new manufacturing and construction concepts abound as the available components are assembled into a futuristic system that will change transportation the world over. 


In peak travel times this would result in a high capacity vehicle where the route is determined by first departure point, vehicle capacity, and the number of people going to the same final destination. Off peak the vehicle size is determined by the number of people needing transportation and is available on demand.


Transportation demand management paired with a LugeWay battery recharge (Dual Mode)[i] and computerized guidance system where the vehicle transports you to your next destination is a game changer. All types of Electric Vehicles can operate without ever having to stop for refueling. There is no need for connection terminals and crowded railroad stations. Transportation is available on demand for public, private and handicapped use.


Every component for the implementation of this transportation system is available and being used.


HOV lanes in many cities are the perfect location for a LUGE WAY, with their dedicated entrance and exit points, all they need is the installation of the recharge system. Electric cars will never be practical, if stationary recharge is required, not enough time or re-charge locations available. With the LUGE WAY, the re-charge system would also serve to guide and control the vehicle and as the location of a new underground power grid, thus solving two problems at once.[ii]


Every available form of energy could be employed to improve the security and rapid development of the system.


For the generation of electricity the most cost effective systems would be:


Modular Underground Nuclear Reactor[iii] -> coal fired plants -> natural gas fired plants -> new run of river[iv] and revitalized hydro power plants -> land field gas recovery project -> two stage Anaerobic Digestion -> solar -> and wind power. Large scale batteries for base load power demand 24/7 could be deployed around the system for back-up power and security as well.


This program halts the increase of GHG in its tracks. It lets each technology compete on its own merits for the position in the power system that it fits best. NO MORE OF THE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED POWER WHICH SKEWED THE WORLD MARKET FOR GRAIN AND FORCES THE COST OF FOOD TO INCREASE. EACH MUST STAND ON ITS OWN.


All potential ENERGY sources should be allowed to compete; the artificial controlled price of oil must be illuminated.  All of the oil resources with-in our control need to be accessed using the appropriate methods for the location.


In-Situ Reforming of Tar sands, coal or shale are all practical methods for accessing     the oil we have available in North America. God has given us an abundance of everything we need if we will only follow Him.


Horizontal drilling techniques[v] offer the potential to invigorate the old oil production areas of the USA with new life, but even better the improved equipment for horizontal that will occur as a result offers the potential to address other problems.


  1. Oil and natural gas off the coast of Florida can be produced from on shore production facilities bring much needed jobs.
  2. Horizontal drilling techniques can be used to create the underground, lugeway for freight.
  3. Cities from San Francisco too New York, Boston and L.A. have many uses for Horizontal drilling. Can you imagine no garbage pilling up on the streets? Wow! What a concept that would be, having an underground garbage collection system feeding a reprocessing facility to recover all of the CO2 from those throw away waste havens of liberal America[vi] .
  4. But maybe the greatest advantage of horizontal drilling is to make possible underground LUGE WAYS for a totally new transportation system, one that does not require the expensive rights-of-way land grabs that start wars for the fight of control of a patch of dirt. We own our property and will not give it up to the government or without a fight.[vii]

What is the EPA and what is their agenda? Save $9 Billion de-fund the EPA or at least just make it an information research agency with no power to regulate industry, add in the DOE and save another $41 Billion dollars at a minimum.[viii] We do not need it, the DOE has had forty years and still can't get it right.


Regulation should be done by Congress only after they have had open debate on the issues at hand. No agency should be able to make rules and regulations independent of the public oversight by “WE THE PEOPLE’S” representatives in congress.




ליצור לי חום נקי, הו אלוהים; ולחדש את הרוח הנכון בתוך אותי!  Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me!


The dreamer lives forever, while the toiler dies in a day. I have a dream, for the future of America do you?

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