Florida Media Buries Education Successes Under Tea Party Governor PLUS

First of all, Governor Scott has done a great job as governor and done so much to improve conditions in our state all the way around, he has earned re-election by doing what he promised to do.  When you balance the job Scott has done against what you might get with a Crist or (heaven help us) Bill Nelson, we had better do everything we can to be sure Governor Scott gets re-elected.  That said, I am sending to more articles about education.
I am sending along a link to one article (glad to see we will be teaching cursive handwriting in Florida), and another complete article below that.  I hope you will read about the Governor's stance on education just now and his reasons.  He has changed it some, but Jeb Bush I would think remains, sadly, a strong influence on the governor.  Personally, I do not see Jeb Bush as the same guy we had for governor (but he was not center right even then).  He has joined the liberal education complex and seems intentionally or otherwise not to understand Common Core is not really about education and even if we got some small benefit, it isn't worth the propaganda contained in almost every single scrap of the curriculum.   The education program being foisted on us by the feds (in an end run around the law as they do with pretty much everything these days), is about dumbing down, liberal propaganda, brainwashing, and for people like Bill Gates (an Obama supporter) to have a very large uniform market to sell things to (and he has freely admitted there will be a lot of money to be made).  Anyway, enough for the soap box stuff.  Here are 2 articles.  The first comes from a Arlington patriot (and a good read) and the second was in my Email box this am.  Both are very good information.  
Gov. Scott promises changes to school standards

Florida Media Buries Education Successes Under Tea Party Governor


Florida Governor Rick Scott is facing one of the highest-profile races in the country in 2014, with former Republican Governor, Independent Senate candidate and now Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist his likely opposition.

Scott’s main focus during his tenure has been the economy, but Crist is hoping to make the education system an issue and is counting on his veto of controversial education reforms to provide support from Florida’s teachers and parents.

The only problem, then, is those same reforms, signed into law by Scott, appear to be working. But according to an article in an education blog written by a former St. Petersburg Times education reporter, no one knows about it:

Florida public schools rank No. 7 in K-12 achievement this year, which, considering their unfortunate rep, is good news with a pigs-fly twist, right?

And yet, across the state’s newspapers and TV stations, the ranking spawned a total of three short stories, two blog posts and one TV report, averaging less than seven paragraphs each. Florida’s school boards, superintendents, PTAs and teacher unions didn’t acknowledge the news either. Not even a tweet!

I wish it weren’t true, but that pattern has been in place for years. The volume is often cranked when there’s a negative story about Florida ed reforms and/or student performance. But when evidence suggests reforms may be working and/or Florida students are moving up, the amp gets switched off. That’s not healthy for the debate we’re having about our schools and kids

The media’s lack of reporting on the reforms’ success could be coincidental, or at least unintentional. Or, given the often strained relationship between the state media and Tea Party governor, perhaps it isn’t.


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