I watched the whole hour, a lot was said by both sides. I wish the moderator had taken the time to correct  or refute the biased  and misleading statements made by those who want  to enforce and obey only the laws that they like or make them FEEL good. Bill Korach and Ron DeSantis spoke well and defended Trump's policies. Almost all the participants with a Hispanic last name just really want amnesty for the "non-criminal" illegal aliens. They seem to forget that  IDENTITY THEFT is a crime. In order  to work they had to give a fictitious Social Security number, and those not working simply collect welfare. Are we STUPID  or what? A Hispanic attorney said Trump needs to find the money to enforce his policies.. The answer is simple, take the money from subsidizing illegals, welfare recipients and foreign aide. The participant who came from Germany said we in America are very safe and should be more compassionate. She should have been asked about the troubles of recent "refugees" in Germany, the UK, France and specially Sweden. She can move back to Germany.

As to the businesses who say they cannot function without illegal aliens because Americans will not do those jobs,  I say to them they have knowingly been braking the law and should be prosecuted. They should pay a higher wage and if prices go up, so be it. Also Congress should reduce welfare benefits for doing nothing. Welfare recipients should be doing the lower paying jobs, and if they won't, they should go hungry.

As to the DACA participant I say to her she is an illegal alien who is here only because of Obama's ILLEGAL executive order. She should go back to Mexico and apply for residence and wait in line like anyone else from Europe.

Why is it that all Democrats and bleeding heart and self-serving Republicans cannot acknowledge that Trump is only enforcing CURRENT immigration laws that have been IGNORED since Pres. Eisenhower conducted Operation Wetback in 1954.

TRUMP IS ONLY PUTTING AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST. That does not make him racist or xenophobic.

We must speak out , defend and support Trump and ATTACK his enemies, be they Democrats or Republicans.


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