Now that the State Attorney or Prosecutor in the Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowsky case HAS DROPPED ALL CHARGES AGAINST LEWANDOWSKI, it is clear that Megyn Kelly, many in the media and Ted Cruz OWE TRUMP AND APOLOGY. Trump stood by his friend Corey while Cruz would have fired him BEFORE Corey was found guilty of any wrong doing. Trump definitely showed more INTEGRITY than Cruz.  Cruz will do anything for political gain like now he is considering Marco Rubio for the VP position. This will only ensure some sort of AMNESTY in the future. This will finalize the destruction of our American culture and demographics.

The Republican establishment is endorsing and helping Cruz only because he is more like them, and Trump is their greater enemy. If Cruz were a real conservative, he would disavow such support, but Cruz will not because he wants to win even with help from the DEVIL.

Trump does not have a problem with women or minorities. When anyone attacks him, he fights back and hits twice as hard regardless of who they are. Trump is the one who has made the American people aware there is little difference between Democrats and the Republican establishment. BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT.

If Republicans had attacked Obama the way they are attacking Trump, Obama would have never been elected.  Thank you Bush, thank you McCain, thank you Romney, ALL OF YOU GAVE US OBAMA.

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Comment by Derby Ulloa on April 18, 2016 at 3:47pm


Comment by Franklin W. on April 16, 2016 at 12:31pm

"This will finalize the destruction of our American culture and demographics."......

And yet, the majority of the people still sit idle and un-interested.

What if anything will stir Americans to take an interest in the calculated defeat and fall of their Nation?  Is there anything that can stir the passion for saving the Nation from defeat and takeover?  9/11 certainly was not enough to create a sustained passion for the Nation.  The situations in America are worse now than before the 9/11 tragedy.  

Is there anything that will create an active and sustained resistance in the American people to save their Nation and way of life from Un-American government abuse inside America and from those outside America that seek to bring America down?

Or will the people simply be satisfied with more meet, greet & eat meetings?  Will they continue to be pacified with more contrived, manipulated and sham elections?

Do you know anyone that is ready to be stirred to action?  Are there any people willing to move out of the shadows and make an effort to resist America's abusive and  destructive (local, State, Federal) government?

Phone calls, faxes. emails, letters, and online contact forms are a part of resistance...but, it can't be the only part.  

Concerned citizens must at the very least match the passion of their foes.   It's the only way to stir more people to become openly engaged in resisting what has been, is now and will continue to happen in America without sustained public action and resistance.

Simply being a good citizen is not enough.  Good men & women must act to resist the actions of evil and destructive men.

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