Congressman Andrew Crenshaw,

My name is Robert Strasen I am a 49 year old navy veteran who served Honorable for my country. I was talking to a military recruiter who was  an acquaintance of mine he  told me about a program called MILITARY ACCESSIONS VITAL TO NATIONAL INTEREST (MAVNI)(backdoor amnesty)

RECRUITMENT PILOT. What disturbs me deeply about this program (I got the info right from a recruiter) who said he can’t do anything about this program ,but that I could expose it.This is what he told me when a Muslim walks into his office to enlist in the military he said that they can sit there in front of him and spew his hatred to the U.S, and is from a known terrorist country he was told don’t question him about it just put him in the military, which will lead to more FT. Hood incidents .the status of illegal immigrant’s coming from Mexico don’t even have to have a High School education and not to question their  immigration status just put them in the military, now comes the other part when any of these immigrants get there  green card after finishing boot camp, To get full benefits all the illegal has to do is enlist in the reserves and when he is done with basic training he gets full benefits, this is a back door immigration policy, this really saddens me to allow the infiltration of our armed forces with bad people this need to be stopped registered and concerned voter. Robert Strasen Jacksonville,Florida

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Comment by Carole McManus on June 15, 2013 at 2:51pm

Great effort, Robert.  This was a hot topic at this Thursday's Lunch Bunch meeting where we heard about your letter and others cited quotas in signing new recruits.   

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