New Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, Parvez Ahmed, and the Local Media

Please read and take appropriate action.

News 4 Jax posted an article yesterday in regard to racial and ethnic slurs against the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars Shahid Khan. 


Local Media’s decision to take a stand, and speak out against the ignorance of these bigoted slurs and statements would have been commendable, If they had stuck to the facts and not inserted their own prejudice and bigotry by slanting the story.

Immediately, WJXT/News 4 Jax began to compare the reprehensible slurs against Shahid Khan, to the opposition of Parvez Ahmed and his possible appointment to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission…...  THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

Shahid Khan has been disparaged due to his race and/or religion purely.  This is the true face of bigotry, not so in the case of Parvez Ahmed.  Parvez Ahmed was not opposed because of his heritage or religious views, but because of his affiliations and support of terrorist like Sami-Al Arian, and the Holy Land Charity, a source of funding of terrorism and terrorist activities.

Parvez Ahmed, was opposed with FACTS to include his (10) year leadership position, to include (4) years as the National Chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  CAIR is the propaganda arm of HAMAS in America according to Congresswoman Sue Myrick, Co-Founder of the Counter Terrorism Caucus.

This ridiculous comparison by WJXT/News 4 Jax, is a direct attack on the character and integrity of some of our nation’s leading National Security experts who also opposed the appointment of  Parvez Ahmed in writing to our City Council and Former Mayor Peyton, as well as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Former Muslims United (FMU).  Local News Agencies refused to make the following information public…Click Links below see documents submitted to council and Fmr Mayor Peyton.  If you would like a copy of the original documents contact

Parvez Ahmeds, immediate predecessor, Omar Ahmad was demoted as National Chairman when his supremacist statements went public, “Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth, he said." (Lisa Gardiner, San Ramon Valley Herald, 'American Muslim leader urges faithful to spread Islam's message,' July 4, 1998)

CAIR was designated in a Federal Court as a Muslim Brotherhood Front Group, as well as a wing of the Palestine Committee aka HAMAS.   CAIR/HAMAS members under Chairman Parvez Ahmed’s watch were sentenced up to 65 years in prison for their involvement with their parent organization, the Holy Land Foundation, in funding approximately $12.4 million to the families of suicide bombers and other terrorist activities.

Omar Ahmed was to be tried in a subsequent trial along with 10 other individuals in April of 2010, however, Attorney General Holder quashed these upcoming proceedings and those against 246 additional defendants despite successful convictions on 108 counts.

The fact is, Parvez Ahmed acted as a HAMAS Operative in official capacity for (10) years, and appears to be continuing to fulfill the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood via Cultural Jihad/Sensitivity Training otherwise known as Influence Operations in the intelligence community.

Video:  Parvez Ahmed, Human Rights Commission refuses to denounce Islamic L...

Video: Parvez Ahmed Promotes Sharia Finance, which funds terrorism, callin...

Local News stories continuously labeled ACT! for America and the local Chapter as a racists and bigots, without a single statement to corroborate those claims during the entire controversy.  ACT! for America and its members, made only factual statements which could verified.

ACT! for America's founder is a Lebanese Arab and its membership is very diverse.  ACT! for America, works with Muslims, former Muslims, Arabs, Jews, and people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation and does not fit the profile of a Bigot, hatemonger, or other terms used by local media to disparage it.

We call on all Citizens to call News 4 Jax and write letters to the appropriate staff/leadership, as well as other local media regarding their continued bias and to demand they begin to be ethical in their reporting and stop using Parvez Ahmed as the poster victim of hate and bigotry in Jacksonville.  Citizens deserve to know ALL the FACTS concerning Parvez Ahmed and his ties to terrorist organizations.

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Comment by ACT Jacksonville on December 4, 2011 at 6:59am



You commented the following:  Comment by Isirio Abelon20 hours agoDelete Comment

BACKWARD AND BLOODY RELIGION. If your Religion is so dominant to other religions, how come, their is no freedom of religion in the Muslim Countries. Are you scared your people will wake up and convert to a better religion to change their life. Try and start it in Saudi Arabia. Thank you.


The Problem is that Saudi Arabia was CHRISTIAN, was JEWISH, and was PAGAN.  Islam was taught for 13 years a pure religion by the prophet Muhammad with DISMAL results.  Less than 150 converts and was forcibly run out of Mecca. 

Note:  All peaceful verses come from this period and have NO AUTHORITY in Islamic Jurisprudence.


After leaving Mecca to Medina... Muhammad became a Political and Military Leader and progressively RUTHLESS.  In his last 10 years he conducted a major military campaign every 6 months on average, and ISLAM as a Socio-Political Totalitarian Theocracy thrived.  By the SWORD and Political Manuvering Islam grew to 24,000 in just 10 years.


Muhammad is the perfect man to emulate.  He too multiple wifes, (Child bride of 6 consumated at 9), infidel women as slaves and concubine, children as slaves, beheaded whole tribes, allah is the greatest deciever and lying was ok if it furthered Islam, and war is deciet.


Allah and Muhammed declared total war on all Non-Muslims to establish Islam as the only religion on earth.  SUADI ARABIA once Christian, Jew, and Pagan now is 100% Islamic and no other religion is allowed in the country under penalty of death.

We see it happening in Egypt, yemen and Turkey... all once christian nations?????  So lets open the door to pandoras box here.  There is no moderate ISLAM.

Comment by ACT Jacksonville on December 4, 2011 at 6:45am

Mrs. Choate,

The UK is about 10 maybe 15 years ahead of the U.S. in Multiculturalism and accepting Islamist into their nation.  Just what are the results?  Do they have Honor Killings?  is it just Murder?


U.K.: Police report "alarming" rise in "honor" attacks -- almost 3000 last year

The Daily Mail headline goes straight for the elephant in the room: this is largely a phenomenon within Muslim communities in Britain. Indeed, Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide; honor killings are encouraged by Sharia's inconsistency on whether parents can be held accountable for the death of their child. There is also the letter and spirit of Qur'an 4:34, which makes violence (yes, violence) an acceptable recourse for dealing with "disobedient" women.

Apologists are bound to point out that domestic violence exists in all societies, including the U.S. and Britain. That is true, but here is the difference: in those societies, it is actively denounced and combated, not covered over, denied, and excused, or even praised. In the report below, it is noted that the culprits are hailed as heroes in their communities.

The report, and reports about it, are sure to be denounced as "Islamophobic," even though it was an Iranian and Kurdish women's organization that compiled it. "Alarming rise of Muslim 'honour attacks' in the UK as police reveal thousands were carried out last year," from the Daily Mail, December 3 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Nearly 3,000 so-called honour attacks were recorded by police in Britain last year, new research has revealed.
According to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (Ikwro), at least 2,823 incidents of 'honour-based' violence took place, with the highest number recorded in London.
The charity said the statistics fail to provide the full picture of the levels of 'honour' violence in the UK , but are the best national estimate so far.
The data, taken from from 39 out of 52 UK forces, was released following a freedom of information request by Ikwro.

From the BBC report on this topic: "A quarter of police forces in the UK were unable or unwilling to provide data and communities have often been reluctant to talk about the crime, Ikwro said."

In total, eight police forces recorded more than 100 so called honour-related attacks in 2010.
The Metropolitan Police saw 495 incidents, with 378 reported in the West Midlands, 350 in West Yorkshire, 227 in Lancashire and 189 in Greater Manchester.
Cleveland recorded 153, whil
Comment by Isirio Abelon on December 3, 2011 at 10:20am


Comment by Isirio Abelon on December 3, 2011 at 9:50am

BACKWARD AND BLOODY RELIGION. If your Religion is so dominant to other religions, how come, their is no freedom of religion in the Muslim Countries. Are you scared your people will wake up and convert to a better religion to change their life. Try and start it in Saudi Arabia. Thank you.

Comment by Isirio Abelon on December 3, 2011 at 9:35am

Bull. If you are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, YOU ARE GOVERN BY THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA. PERIOD. If you want to apply or practice your ancient stone age law do it at home. We are now in nuclear age. period.

Comment by ACT Jacksonville on December 2, 2011 at 11:02pm

Mr. Beamer,

Thank you sir.  It was good to see you again, trust you peggy and the rest of the gang had a great National Day of Prayer and Thanks Giving.

as a man I hold in the hightes regard always sais... "Onward and Upward" 

Comment by DURWIN WALTER DAVIS on December 2, 2011 at 10:14pm

Ken, I become distraught when our regimes try and impose our form of government on others, particularily those who are so vicious and full of hatred.  Ours was "engineered" out of situations where our kind were evolving from an elitist operated controlling government to one of enlightenment that we all BEGIN equally with certain inalienable rights from our Creator.  After that, it every person for themselves.  We should not waste our moneys on NATION BUILDING to those that want to keep a stone age culture, even if they do have nuclear weapons.  There is a very short supply of NUCLEAR GLASS in the market; now there's a credible initiative.

Comment by David L. Beamer on December 2, 2011 at 8:25pm

Thanks to ACT for raising awareness !!! Read  and weep ...

Comment by DURWIN WALTER DAVIS on December 2, 2011 at 6:02pm

Jacksonville elected "Angela Corey", palestinian princess extrordinaire.  What was her birth name and in what country was she born?  What was her mother's maiden name?  You guys want to do background on Professor Ahmed, but give Angela a pass?  Jacksonville deserves what it gets, including the "Faguars".

Comment by Karen M on December 2, 2011 at 3:19pm

Amanda, hope you don't have a daughter!

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