I recently attended a private lunch where Lenny Curry was the guest speaker. He spoke a lot like ANY OTHER POLITICIAN--he is very qualified, he cares, he will try not to raise taxes, he is for public safety and education, he is for economic development, etc. etc. Isn't that what all candidates for any office say?

After his remarks during the question and answer section one of the attendees asked him: If elected Mayor, where would you do some cutting in the City budget? Lenny's answer: I DO NOT KNOW. THE BUDGET IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I AM NOT MAYOR YET. ONCE I GET ELECTED I WILL FIGURE THINGS OUT. People, Lenny is supposed to be a CPA and he has not made the time to learn about the budget from the Chairman of the City Council Finance Committee. This reminds me of Pelosi who said you have to pass the bill to know what is in it. Lenny says, "ELECT ME FIRST AND THEN I WILL TELL YOU WHERE I PLAN TO CUT".


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Comment by Franklin W. on February 9, 2015 at 5:04pm

Mr. Curry is exactly what Jacksonville doesn't need.  He's a product of the political party system.   

A slick well financed campaign, an elitist attitude and politics politics politics is all he brings to the table.

Mr. Curry will set Jacksonville back to the days of a hand full of well placed movers & shakers running the city and blowing through money like obama with the taxpayers checkbook......

Jacksonville, as a city, and Taxpayers can not afford Lenny Curry in elective office.  

The Republican Party is not the Tea Party's friend.


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