Personal Conversations With The Candidates, And Their Messages To You

I have called and talked to several of the candidates.  First I asked them questions so that I might be better informed, and then asked them to email me with responses for you.  As the Emails come in, I will post their comments to you  here



The Candidate Questionnaire given to WJXT is below. I will give more precise answers and background for you later.

In the short:

No Federal Reserve, eliminate and return the fiscal responsibilty to the House of Representatives.
Ander Crenshaw voted for the first stimulus package.  His conservative ratings: Poor (1) Heritage, 60% (2) Madison, 51%. 
He has taken 42 trips amounting to $212,000+.  In 2011, South Africa/Boswania - $28,000+.  website: legistrom I am emailing the
direct link. 

Education - Florida Conference of Catholic Bishop. (my husband's
Pueschel_Alec.html    Ander Crenshaw did not response.  Dept. of Education needs to be eliminated.

Environment:  We are to be good stewarts of the earth and environment. Reasonable and commons sense.  Environmental
regulations are impeding us economically.  Fifty years ago, scientists' concerns: global cooling.  Now it is global warming. 
There are climatic changes. Solar flare-ups and radiation within the Milky Way are more damaging than any human activities. 
UN Agenda 21: Never give up our sovereignty.  We are a republic. 

Term Limits:  I signed the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge on September 7, 2011 (no more than three terms)

Campaign Funds Reform:  The representative's retirement is not as much as people think; unless they were a Strom Thurmond or 
Jesse Helms.  There are several federal retirement plans. DeSantis in District 6 states that he will not take a pension.  He does
not state he will not invest in the Thrift Saving Plan.  The average citizen are mandated into Social Security with no options.
The federal campaign account is the golden egg. 

FYI:  I would be the most economical representative. I am receiving Federal benefits as a veteran FAA air traffic
controller.  I can not collect two federal payments unlike the military. 

Amendment 17 - Which is the better system? Elections or appointments.  I write more tomorrow.  Good Night.  Thanks, Deborah 



Americans are losing their freedom to a federal government that the forefathers determined to be limited in size and power.  My
family is among those who helped found this country, in seeking religious freedom for Catholics.  My many, many-time great-
grandfather, Major William Boarman, who later married Mary Jarboe, came to settle in Maryland circa 1640.  In my direct lineage to
him is another many, many great-grandfather who served as a captain in the Maryland Militia during the American Revolutionary War,
and his son served as well. They believed and fought for freedom, but now we are returning to tyranny.  The Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is an example of liberty being expunged with it because of federal demands, mandates and violation
of the religious freedom of the church.  Do not let our ancestors who have died in vain only to have future generations forward on
with no liberty or only change.  The change that will only stifle our liberty’s dream.

The federal government’s two sources of revenues are tax and energy.  The only two ways of increasing new wealth are natural
resources (energy) and intelligent properties (i.e. patents and copyrights).  To motivate our economy - I will address
regulations, taxes and energy:
(1)    Regulations:  The problem facing our economy can be surmounted by getting the federal government to change its policies to
lessen the burden of regulatory rules that inhibit business start-ups, growth and individual freedom to make choices.  The
regulatory agencies must be reduced along with their power.  Let the marketplace and consumers choose what is best for their needs.
(2)    Taxes:  The income tax is very regressive. It penalizes and attacks hard workers- the producers.  Let not the producers be
taxed for their efforts.  Many individuals’ retirement and pension plans come from dividends, interest and other income - should
these be taxed?  Alternatively, the FairTax is a consumption tax on what you buy, not want you earn.
(3)    Energy:  The government policy that inhibits the growth of American energy needs to change.  America is fully capable of
being energy-independent and an exporter, which would pay off the debt.  God has blessed this country with abundant resources.  It
is within our ability to supply all our needs and others as well.  This would drive the cost of energy down worldwide, thus
helping the economy in all countries.

America must defend against her enemies while protecting and respecting the rights of her citizens to be a free people. The
military, which is a constitutional responsibility, needs to be strengthened as no one dares to attack us knowing that to do so
will be met with overwhelming force.  The U.S. must never surrender its sovereignty to the U.N. Agenda 21 or any other
international treaty.  The borders must be controlled, protected and secured.  If a person is found to be here illegally, he/she
needs to be security-checked for terrorism, and if OK, then deported.



Suubject : RE: Crenshaw trip record

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Comment by Roma and Tom on August 4, 2012 at 1:19pm
Comment by Roma and Tom on August 2, 2012 at 11:58am

I have talked with Mike McCalister on the phone, and he asked me to direct everyone to his website, and call him if you have questions.

Comment by Roma and Tom on July 31, 2012 at 3:10pm

The link provided concerning Crenshaw's trip record is a broken is the link I believe Deborah Pueshel intended:

Comment by amanda choate on July 31, 2012 at 2:02pm
Wow this makes my decision essy. Thanks.
Comment by Lizzie on July 31, 2012 at 11:46am

Roma, excellent way to provide information. Thank for your work.

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