Remember The Congressmen Who Betrayed You: See Here

Our Representatives vowed to uphold the Constitution, which means they need to secure our borders, and protect our Constitution.  Yet some of them voted for provisions of the Patriot act that does not secure or borders, but  does shred the Constitution (the only law of this land) Here is what they voted for:

  • To allow government agencies to write their own search warrants, and to seize your property.  The Constitution's fourth amendment allows only Judges to issue warrants, and your property seized only by due process of law (not by the whim of some federal agent who covets your property) .
  • When (not if) you are violated in this manner they voted that you cannot even tell your attorney (or anyone).  This not only strips you of "due process of law", but violates your freedom of speech. 

If you think it cannot happen to you, please recall how two border patrol agents (Ramos and Campion) doing their job were imprisoned for trying to secure our borders while the well known drug lord was freed to cross our borders as he pleased.  After a few years of imprisonment Ramos and Campion were freed on the stipulation of a gag order (stripped of their freedom of Speech). What did they not want us to know?


So here are the elected officials who betrayed us.  Mark their names down, inform others, and make sure they do not serve in any public office ever again:  (The betrayers are the Ayes, and those who stuck by us are the noes)


The Patriot Act is now going the Senate, Please fight to make sure it is defeated so that your property and freedoms cannot be taken from you without due process of law.  Thank you


GOP rep: I made a 'terrible mistake' in last year's Patriot Act vote

"They're afraid of terrorism and an organized fifth column in our country, but look at our history," he said. "We have faced far more malignant and powerful governments and far better organized networks of spies and saboteurs in this country before without having to shred our constitution. This is no time to start."

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