Who is Who On The Disclosure Act And City Taxes

I. The Disclosure Act

At the following link you will be able to see how each of your Senators voted on the Disclosure Act. If they voted nay, please thank them. If they voted yea let them hear about it.


We were successful in defeating this bill, likely because it is election time. After the elections it will likely be tough again to get them to listen to us, unless we elect them wisely.

II. The Raising of City Taxes

Yesterday I had a long cordial conversation with Counsel man Holt's assistant. Here is what was conveyed to me.

  • The Counsel members had hoped to come to the meeting on the 28th with better plans than raising property taxes. However as they checked into the legality of their ideas, they repeatedly discovered that there was some State or Federal law against it. One of those ideas was to raise the sales tax (instead of property taxes) by a small amount.
  • Time (they feel) is of the essence because if they do not have a finalized budget by the end of this month, they loose State funding. That deadline leaves them no time to cut expenses, and if not met, it means some hard times for the City.
  • "State laws", she said, "supersede City laws, and Federal laws supersede State laws". So they are working in a maze of unconstitutional laws. Today what is legal, and what is Constitutional are two different things.
  • So, as you can see, the State controls the City with money they take from us in the first place. The Federal Government does the same with the State. And, if Clinton and Obama have their way, the U.N. will supersede the Federal Government.
  • It is no less than a "Pansie" scheme
    This cat and mouse game will eventually bankrupt the whole system unless we put a stop to it, which will mean taking the consequences as Arizona is now doing.
  • If the City Council stands up to the State, not only will we loose funding, but there will be legal actions taken against the City and Council Members. Many in this City will become very angry because they will not understand. If Council members take this stand, we need to let them know we will cover their back.
  • At one of the regional meetings on this issue, I pointed out the cost of illegal aliens to the City. The president of the Council said as a business owner, he too sees the impact on small business owners, and tried to tackle that issue. The attorneys advised him "not to touch it" because of Federal laws.

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