Newt Loves the First Coast Tea Party

Newt was in town for a tea party event with the First Coast Tea Party. He went on Greta that evening and commented about us. We appreciate him thanking us for the opportunity to get his message out. We'll do the same for any of the candidates.

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Comment by Douglas Newberry on November 18, 2011 at 5:22pm

I agree Juan, It is far later than we think...

The same old concept of flipping a coin between establishment republicans and establishment democrats is HOW we got here. This is WHY the establishment is SO against Ron Paul.

There is no difference between the two... For example Cain is all for the "central bank"... Straight out of the communist manifesto. Newt has been a "globalist for a long time... its the same with the rest as well.

Like I said before, If you stand for TRUE liberty, the constitution and the VALUES of our founders. Ron Paul is THE only choice we have.

It IS later than we think... just look at how Goldman Sachs is taking over Greece and Italy and the EU. The global bankers are in FACT taking over the globe with DEBT... Robbing pensions to pay the debt that they semselves ran up. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!


Comment by Armando Delgado on November 18, 2011 at 5:04pm

We have a large roster of Republican candidates running in this primary. They all have their strenghts and weaknesses, and the great majority of our electorate at this point is undecided as to who could be their favorite. Once the primary election is held, someone will be elected to face Obama. Individually, we have very little impact on this primary electoral process, but when that final candidate is elected, that is when we need to pull together, forget differences, and vote as a block to get rid of our Communist enemies, and send a clear message to Washington and the world that We the People are tired of, not only progressive government ideas,  but of the status quo of the past 20 years in our government.

 So let's not fight amongst ourselves over minor points. The goal is to get rid of Obama, the progressive Democrats in Congress, and to restore our constitututional republican democracy to power. Period. I think we all agree on that.

Comment by Kay Ragan Durden on November 18, 2011 at 4:50pm

Hey First Coast, I miss you all.  Had to send a note to say, yes Newt is the brain in the group.  I am sticking with Herman Cain and just want to make sure everyone remembers,  well some of you don't remember because you were to little or not born yet. but us older ones remember when Reagan picked his team after he was elected.  He did the same thing Herman is talking about, picking the top people that know about the other countries.  Reagan didn't know all the important facts, but his team did and what a great President he made.    About the lies the 2 women have put out.  Please remember the liberals don't live by a standard like we do.  They can lie, steal or cheat and not even feel bad, because it is for the cause.  Remember Clarence Thomas???  It was the same thing.  Don't be fooled!! one lives in DC and works for Obama and the other one lives in Chicago and knows some of Obama's people.  No wonder we have a hard time getting good men and women to run for office.  Even when it is not true it still hurts you and there are some that will believe a lie.   Come on guys don't give up on Herman yet.  Hope you saw him today in Jacksonville!!  Hope to see you soon,  Kay


Comment by Douglas Newberry on November 18, 2011 at 4:31pm

I appreciate all the comments on the video that I posted.

I too think that few if any have a grasp of how public policy actually affects daily life for the people as Newt does. He is no doubt "the smartest guy on the stage" when it comes to debates. But his past policies and alliances are somewhat disturbing to say the least.

I too am an avid Ron Paul supporter because I believe that the principles of liberty and adherence to the constitution are the most important qualities in a new president.

His solutions are not always the easy ones or most popular choices... but freedom is NOT easy. These are tough times and tough choices need to be made on principles... not popularity. I can count on Ron Paul to act according to his beliefs 100% and I cannot say that about any of the others. He has a LONG track record of doing exactly that and if the main stream media was not dead set against him and if more people understood the truth behind the constant LIES that the MSM feeds us his support would be far and away ahead of the rest.

Even with the constant marginalizing and repeated accounts of how "Ron Paul can't win" he still is doing quite well.

If you support liberty and the constitution and the values of our founders there is simply no other choice in my opinion.

I am in favor of Newt as a cabinet level person to actually get the government working again, but I cannot trust the man. Mitt Romney will stand for anything... as has been made quite clear. Herman Cain is nothing more than an empty suit with a lot of good sound bites. Rick Perry has been a lousy governor of Texas... ask anyone from Texas. Rick Santorum is quite frankly a war monger and wants big government all up in your bedroom and John Huntsman , while seemingly reasonable, is lacking the ability to "fire up" any kind of constituancy at all.

Finally, Michell Bachman is a very smart lady, but trying to pass herself off as a "tax attorney" when in fact she was an enforcment agent for the IRS is disingenuous at best and a complete fraud at worst.

Once again... Just my opinions

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on November 18, 2011 at 4:04pm

Steve, you know I don't yell at you and never have!  Come on guy.  But it is important when someone is pulling for another candidate I think to say so when you are slamming someone others may like.  I quite truthfully have not made a choice.  I like Newt, but I like Cain and a couple other people who are way behind in the poles.  There are some very good candidates running and in fact, all of them are VERY good folks compared to the resident communist!  Hope you have a good evening Steve!

Comment by Steve Tikas on November 18, 2011 at 4:00pm

Pat you may well be right and Newt may well be a different person then he was back then but a big problem is that he has been out of public light for most of that time so it is hard to say if he has actually changed or if he is just saying he has changed.  I do believe that everyone can, and does, change over time.  I just don't know if I want to find out the hard way that he hasn't changed. I do agree that he would be better then Obama even if he hasn't changed but I would really like someone that doesn't believe that the Constitution is obsolete.


Please keep in mind everyone that I'm an staunch Ron Paul supporter.  (That was so Pat doesn't yell at me again :)

Comment by Steve Tikas on November 18, 2011 at 3:38pm

Great video Mr. Newberry.  Doesn't surprise me that he is just another globalist elitist.  I wonder how long it will be before he starts sinking in the polls.  


Speaking of polls it always amazes me how two polls can be so different when it is supposed to be polling the same type of people.  I'm talking about the Bloomberg poll that had it as a four way tie in Iowa and then the Fox poll has Newt crushing everyone else.  The more the race goes on the more it looks like my prediction might end up being right.  My prediction was that it will end up as Newt, Paul, and Cain as the final three people.

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on November 18, 2011 at 3:20pm

I watched Greta last night , and was quite pleased at his kind comments!  I also am very impressed by his ideas and apparently others are as well. 

Douglas, I watched your video.  Thank you for sharing it.  I think good points are made, but I also think, as Mr. Gingrich himself has said, he is not the same person he was 13 years ago.  So although I think it is good that you posted this because certainly Newt was not a perfect speaker of the house or legislator, and folks need to be aware of that.  Right now however, any of the folks running for president are so much better than what we currently have, I would wonder who you might suggest?  For myself, at least, I always think to post something like this video on this blog, you must favor someone else?

Comment by JL Gawlik on November 18, 2011 at 3:17pm

Well Douglas you know how to throw a bucket of ice water on warm feelings... LOL!


Thanks for bringing up that video. Very disturbing information. I am fed up with liars and deceitful people period. I can see how our government since the 60s' have been masking a movement with intent to overthrow our Constitution period.

Now off to research all that new information.

We are in deep trouble.

Comment by Douglas Newberry on November 18, 2011 at 1:59pm



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