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Newsmax: Boehner Asks Obama to Disclose Costly US Regs

Since the executive branch has no law making authority, and the congress is the only body that does, someone needs to explain to me how these departments can write regulation that carries the force of law???? Anyone understand that?  Please also see the article below about someone who is pushing back.  It is my contention that since no one has law making ability except the congress, any regulation written by a department under the executive branch or any…


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Pajamas Media: Exposing Hizballah’s Front Groups

So much is going on and so fast with an executive branch that supports these folks and actually has radicals working within our government in some key positions, there will be a huge job ahead of the next president and congress to remove all these folks tied to groups like this from positions within our government.  Unreal!
How Islamists use deception to protect their…

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Pajamas Media: Brave New World arrives ahead of schedule — sex indoctrination for toddlers

Shared from a facebook friend's page. This is not for the weak of heart. This is the sort of thing going on in our schools just in case anyone thought they were teaching reading, writing and arithmetic.

August 26, 2011 - 2:09 pm - by Zombie…


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    The Florida Department of Education is rewriting the Florida Principal Leadership Standards.  What are they putting into the new revision?  Teachers now are required to teach social justice in the classroom.  Social justice supports equality and solidarity in a society. 


    Equality is subjective and is also a tool for manipulating emotions.  If I tell you enough times that the…


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TU: Skyway could be torn down if ridership doesn’t improve — in next 25 years

Sounds like a plan to me, but in the mean time, we still have to subsidize it every year for the few who do ride on it.

Some hope a downtown resurgence will improve ridership numbers.

Posted: August 26, 2011 - 2:21am | Updated: August 26,…

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Earthquakes, Hurricanes and The One Most Powerful!

Florida is my home and we’ve been through hurricane watches and warnings many times before.  We are blessed this time because Irene decided to give us a break and head up north. 


We pray for those who have never experienced the power of a hurricane and hope they will heed warnings and prepare accordingly.  We have had our share of preparing for possible destruction.  We’ve stood in…


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How Ironic and Sad

I was just watching Fox News and the funeral of one of the 30 Navy Seals that were killed recently.  The soldiers dog led the procession and stayed right by the coffin...So Sad....

And then a news spot about the fact that regulatory agencies of the federal government have grown by 13% in the last 2 1/2 years, while regulations have increased by 15%.....Costing small business owners $11,000 per employee....

And then I thought...How very sad that these brave men and women are…


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TU: Candidates for vacant Florida Senate seat attend forum, voice opinions on issues

Hmmmm how do they get to do something like this in a church?????
By Matt Dixon

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TU: Water management cuts would save $700 million


Scott sought cuts for property tax reductions; hundreds of layoffs loom

Posted: August 25, 2011 - 12:00am | Updated: August 25, 2011 - 1:03am

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TU: Jacksonville Journal: Free tutoring for some Duval students

I don't like the idea that you have to be on the free lor reduced cost unch program to qualify.   Many people who can't afford to pay a tutor don't necessarily accept handouts.  They make do and do the best they can, and to eliminate those who are proud enough to provide for themselves, but may not be able to pay a tutor, sends the wrong message as far as I am concerned (it encourages and rewards the welfare state).…

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TU: School officials want Mayor Alvin Brown to check in before visits

Although I agree with those who commented on the article that have said they are happy that Mayor Brown is enthusiastic about the schools and wants to be part of a solution to make them better, I also understand he should not overstep either by just showing up unannounced or with such short notice the visit disrupts the school day for the students. The schools are the authority of the…


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Proud To Be A Hobbit!


I wasn't sure what to call this: Hobbit-ually Yours,  The Hobbit-ual User,  Hobbit-ual Offender.  You can play with it.  Anyway........


It is amazing how this epithet has stuck. We know it was intended as an insult, at best.  A gross dismissal and marginalizing of a whole group of G*d-fearing, sensible, 'country-first' kind of Americans; attempting to push their concerns into the dimensions of fantasy and not be taken seriously, at worst.


I would…


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To Katherine re: Whole Lotta Shakin'


Hi Katherine. I have been looking up sources. I saw the dates of the burning of the capital as 24 Aug 1814. I have a conflicting source from a historical anthology (What So Proudly We Hail, by Kass, Kass & Schaub)that says on p747 , in a piece about the writing of "The Star Spangled Banner", the following :"......Key.....inspired.... by the unlikely success of American troops resisting the British attack on Baltimore's Fort McHenry…


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AFP: Don't Miss Your Chance to Comment on NLRB's Proposed Rule Change

Americans for Prosperity provided this information.  This does not appear to be good for the worker but will give the unions a big advantage.  There is a link where you can send comments to the NLRB and let them know how you feel about this proposed rule:



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Standard Newswire: Black Tea Party Leader Demands Apology from Maxine Waters

Terrific piece and God bless this very brave tea party leader and paster for his stance on this matter.  Maxine Waters does indeed owe the American people an apology for a lot more than just her comments about the tea party.


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23, 2011 /Standard Newswire/ -- South Central L.A. Tea Party Founder and President, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is demanding an apology from…


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TU: EduJax: Higher ed in Rick Scott's crosshairs; teachers deal with Florida's new reality


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TU: Nonprofit writes Florida law for its own program

I don't think any special interest group should be writing legislation for anything. The state has a legal department that should be taking any and all proposed laws at the state level and making sure they are written to comply with all state law and written in an air tight manner. To say the legislators do not have the ability or the people to put together "legal" legislation makes it sound like the state is run by yahoos and that just isn't true. I don't like the idea at all that… Continue

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Three Part Series: An Insider's View of the White House

We have been reading this series of interviews and it felt something like the Watergate scandal and Deep Throat. 


We received this from a Washington, DC insider.  If these interviews are true -- we have a serious problem in the White House.  If these interviews are made up -- this makes for a great novel.


The language is bad and you will be trying to figure out who is…


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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!!!



I will develop this further, but I wanted to put a couple of thoughts down before they get away.


I could not help but notice that this very unusual earthquake began in the VA area, went into DC and was felt as far as NY!!  Virginia is basically the "womb" of our nation, NY the "wallet" and DC the "seat" of government.  I can't help but think that SOMEONE is trying to get our attention!!!  And in the three most significant places in America.  It is alarming…


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My Humble Opinion

My Humble Opinion

There’s a trend I keep seeing on our national political shows, even FOX. The commentators are saying that Americans are scared and afraid of the Obama experience. Well count me out of that crowd. I’m pissed. I am a hard working taxpayer who sees the lazy and unproductive, that includes our elected officials, taking money from me to fund their lazy and unproductive lifestyles. This economy has taken my job and my home from my family and…


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