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RIP Robert Overby

Thank you Pam.  We are all heartbroken to hear the news:
It is with great sadness to inform all of…

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9/28/21 School Board Meeting - Emergency Rule 64DER21-15

Tomorrow morning, September 28th, 2021 @ 10AM, the Duval County School Board will be holding an emergency special meeting to discuss the recent new rule from the  Florida Dept. of Health; Emergency Rule 64DER21-15, which empowers families to decide which protocols to implement if their healthy child has had exposure to COVID-19. This meeting will also discuss DCPS response to the…


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Cyber Symposium

Come to the FCTP website home page to view the Cyber Symposium at  A powerful video by Colonel Phil Waldron, US Army (retired) is also available.  A must see!  Only publicly known information is asked to get in.  Email address and phone number.  You can create an account, but it's not necessary to view the videos.

For those of you that didn't have a chance to see why every state needs to do an audit, go to his website and see the data provided by the experts.  Peruse…


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Duval County School Board to consider Mask Mandate TODAY!!

Received from our Wild Apricot friends and passing on...

The Duval County School Board has called an EMERGENCY Board Meeting Monday, August 23 at 2:00pm to consider MANDATORY MASKS for all students in defiance of Governor DeSantis Executive Order! The pro-mask & vaccine crazies will be there in force - WE MUST SHOW UP!!


There will be an emergency school board meeting tomorrow at 2:00 PM in the Cline Auditorium at the school board…


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City Council Meeting

There are 3 Town Hall meetings this week regarding the gas tax.  Each are being hosted by City Council members who SUPPORT the gas tax.  This is your opportunity to attend and speak directly to these City Council members about your concerns.  If you attend by Zoom, you may see several people, however, the majority are staff.  You can no longer…


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Sorry such short notice on today's meeting.  There are two upcoming meetings....

If you oppose this gas tax, NOW is the time to let council members know. You can do it one of several ways. You can call, email, attend a city council meeting and fill out a public comment card to voice your opposition in person, and you can attend via Zoom and speak to the members just as you would in person.

Below are council members email addresses and phone numbers. I encourage you to…


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SB 2012 Girl's Sports Senate Bill - Tallahassee 4/20

Will we let the NCAA and the Cancel Culture mob be louder than us? So far they have been!  ROAD TRIP!!!!  #SaveGirlsSports

LET'S ROLL!!! Grab a friend or five and head to Tallahassee on the 20th! 

Message from the supporters with minor edits:

The Girl's Sports House Bill 1475 has PASSED! But it's not time to celebrate YET – the Senate companion Bill SB 2012 was postponed on Wednesday in the Senate Rules Committee as they are receiving a LOT of pressure from the…


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CALL TO ACTION!! House Bill 1475 and Senate Bill 2012

Republicans leaders are getting a lot of pressure and they NEED our SUPPORT right now!


Please CALL & EMAIL your Representative and Senator, the Bill Sponsors, the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee, the Senate President, the House Speaker and the Governor!

Suggested script:…

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HB 1475 and SB 2012

By now, millions know the story of Selina Soule, the high school track star from Connecticut who missed qualifying for the New England track and field regionals by two spots in her top event. Those two spots were taken by biological boys who identify as girls.

Well, we’re not having it in Florida!! There are bills moving…


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Please see the NRA's update on this RWCDF Legislative Priorities. Our President Esther Byrd will be in Tallahassee on Friday for the debate and final vote in the Florida House. She invites anyone interested to come over. You can also watch it live on the Florida Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard on this important bill.

DATE:    March 22,…


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NOPE Bill (2020-074)

A big thank you to Emily Nunez for this information:

Jacksonville City Council has a KEY VOTE on Tuesday, March 23rd.Republican Councilman Rory Diamond has the NOPE (No Obligatory Pay Enlargements) Bill (2020-074) to stop automatic pay increases for politicians and require separate public votes if the Council tries to increase its own salary. NOTE:  The Democratic opposition has a sneaky amendment they are pushing that KILLS the Bill.  Don't let them confuse you, we need the…


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Vote on Election Day

Voters registered in Florida can look up where to vote on Florida's site.

Vote early



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Republicans to email on City Council

Sorry, I know you could have used this information yesterday...

Here are the Republicans on City Council that should be voting with their party for the good of our City.  Below the list are their email addresses to copy and paste to let them know how excited you are that they have the opportunity to represent you by voting in a conservative leader who shares our values, which is why you voted for…


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Should Mayor Curry be endorsing a Liberal over a Conservative for City Council President?  If you're a conservative, you know Hazouri is NOT the right choice for this city, yet if City Council doesn't hear from us he will likely be the next City Council President and control the direction for his tenure!  Our Republican Mayor continually cozies up to the Liberal candidates.  Hard to imagine?…


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We are asking you to contact your Florida State Legistators and Gov. DeSantis. Urge them to open our state!!

Governor Ron DeSantis email:   

Email list State Senators and Representatives:…


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Collecting for our Bahamian Neighbors

Good morning!

We spent last week wondering if we would be hit by Hurricane Dorian.  Thankfully we were spared.  However, the Bahamas were not so lucky.  I am sure you have seen the devastation there.

My daughter has a friend (a nurse) who is arranging multiple trips to the area and will be collecting supplies to take to those areas.  If you would like to help, we will collect things at…


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As a Candidate; you then need to raise funds for your campaign

Unless you are very wealthy and can fund your own campaign, in order to succeed as a candidate, you must raise funds. Events, mailing campaigns, printing, signage, advertisements, etc. all add up to huge expenses. If you've received enough signatures, you won't need funds to qualify.  However, if you fall short, in order to be a candidate you must pay the amount for postitions listed in the previous blog.

A common misconception about political fundraising is that it…


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As a Candidate; first you have to get signed petitions...

Petitions need to be signed for candidates that run in order for them to qualify. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR THIS PERSON. BUT, if only one candidate gets enough petitions signed, we will see only one candidate on the ballot.  We need choices!  FCTP cannot stand behind any one candidate, but we can help get good conservatives on the ballot.



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Have you voted yet?

Thank you to one of our members for this great information!  Below are links to the James Madison site with a comprehensive breakdown about the views of our candidates, the impact, the facts and the proposed amendments.  If you have not voted yet or if you want confirmation that you made the right choice, check these out (also posted on the main page of our website):…


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National Debt Clock


The First CoastTea Party is a non-profit organization. We have no deep-pocketed special interest funding our efforts.

You may contact us at:

First Coast Tea Party
1205 Salt Creek Island Dr
Ponte Vedra, FL 32082

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RIP Robert Overby

Thank you Pam.  We are all heartbroken to hear the news:
It is with great sadness to inform all of…

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