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Runaway Automobile || Runaway Government

            There is an automobile whose gas pedal is stuck to the floor so the driver can’t slow it down by taking his foot off of the pedal. The brake line has a leak and the harder the driver presses on the brake pedal, the faster the brake fluid leaks out and he can’t stop the vehicle using the method that was designed into the automobile to stop it under normal circumstances. The cable for the emergency brake is rusted through due to lack of attention and pulling the emergency brake…


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11/6/2013 - Last Night’s Elections

            The liberals analysts’ are claiming that the Tea Party candidates’ loses last night are proof that the Tea Party is a radical group and is rejected by the good American voters. I disagree with their results.


Ken T. Cuccinelli II: Cuccinelli was the Tea Party candidate, he is very conservative and was down by double digits early on in the campaign. As the election drew closer more people began looking at the candidates and Cuccinelli began closing the gap.…


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The Reason Registered Independent Voters Are Increasing.

            Some election analysts have been blaming the Tea Party for the 2012 Presidential election loss, they say the Tea Party stayed home. Some blamed Romney for being too nice or pushing social issues instead of economic issues. They say the social issues caused the independents to stay home. These and other MSM analysis are intended to sidetrack the conservatives in the post election review as their panning of the conservative candidates during the run up to the 2008 and 2012…


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The Candidate Research tab includes links to Voter Guides.

The Conservative Citizen now includes voter guides for Clay, Duval and St. Johns Counties. Additional links to James Madison Institute recommendations on the 11 amendments and Florida Family Policy Council 2012 General Election Voter Guide for a second opinion.

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A note about hollow point bullets.

     Government orders for hollow point bullets have been highlighted on the internet recently (MSM won't mention it). I blogged about it when I first heard about the order of 4.5 million rounds for Homeland Security.

     I remember a conversation I had with a fellow many years back where he mentioned that a standard bullet could easily exit the target if all it hits is soft tissue. The exiting bullet can damage anything behind the original target causing collateral…


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The Awakened Giant Likes Tea.

I really love the title of the blog. I wish I would have thought of it myself. I agree with the author's analysis, too.

The Awakened Giant Likes Tea

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Judging the Judges.

     In light of Obama's treatment of the Supreme Court Of The United States at the 2010 State Of The Union message, I find it hard to believe Justice Roberts is biased toward the Democrats and Obamacare. I think SCOTUS, in their two rulings this week, are holding the Democrats feet to the fire.

     In the Arizona case, by dropping the 3 issues that mirror the Federal Government's responsibility and allowing the issue of state’s verification of citizenship, they keep the current…


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Voter Fraud is acceptable --- to Democrats.

It is now public knowledge.

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His Political Incorrectness Is So Timely And So Accurate.

Allen West hits the bullseye again!!…


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Representative Allen West is confronted by an embarrassed Muslim.

I want to grow up to be just like Allen.

3 minute video:

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Will The Tea Party Fight or Retreat?

     The events addressed in the linked REDSTATE item are occurring outside of Florida. The events described in the linked item are occurring everywhere in the country and affect us today through the distant future. Please read:


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Fed Agencies order 450 million hollow point bullets

Hollow points are banned for use in war by international law, that leaves you and I as the only possible targets for these 450 million hollow points. We need answers! I have contacted Boehner, Mica, Nelson and Rubio. 

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There Goes The Neighborhood!

I found this link on WOKV FOX News Center: Obama campaign opens Jacksonville headquarters

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Rebirth or Abortion

    I haven't been watching much tv in the last couple of years. I lost interest when I discovered the internet gave me a better feel for what is really going on than listening to CNN and the others. CNN really took off with its coverage of the first Gulf War. It was a major blow to my confidence in tv journalism when I compared the RNC coverage by CNN (lack of coverage) and C-SPAN (live coverage) in the 2000 election. Lately, FOX has been hiring more liberals than I want to devote my time…


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Rick Santorum is Attacked on FB

And so it begins

The "anonymous” progressive tipsters are offering their "information" again. This time their target is Rick Santorum. Actually, his wife. The info is that Karen had an abortion and it is released only on FB. This move applies Saul Alinsky Rule for Power Tactic: #4 Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. If this gets traction on FB it will probably be publicized by the msm…


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Results of the Iowa Caucus

            As of yesterday Mitt Romney won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes with Rick Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul third at 3,788 votes less than Rick. Michelle Bachmann dropped out after rating 6th place in the caucus. Romney held steady at the 25% he had since February, no more, no less. 75% of the electors were scattered among the other 6 candidates.

             Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann were the most conservative of the Republican candidates going into the caucus…


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Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign.

"I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family," Cain said, adding that he reached the decision "with a lot of prayer and soul-searching.

     It's a mystery why the DNC would put these…


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Steering Conservatives to the Weakest Candidate


            The Presidential primaries are fast approaching and the anxiety is building among the conservatives trying to decide on their “primary” choice for the Republican nominee for President. Mitt Romney keeps bubbling up as a constant top contender in the polls. Romney’s challengers keep changing from week to week, according to the polls. We conservatives have a “gut” feeling that Romney is not a true conservative yet we conservatives are fearful that our choice of a true…


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Rules for Conservative Radicals: Rule #8

“When engaging with the left let no falsehood go unchallenged”.

     Remember the term “Borked”? It became a household term after the liberals succeeded in their character assassination of Judge Robert Bork. The accusations against Judge Bork were substitutes for “…he just happened to disagree with them on abortion, affirmative action and other matters, and they feared that he would swing the court in a…


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2012 Preferential Primary.

Website "The Conservative Citizen" is published with the Candidate Assessments for the Republican Preferential Primary. The home tab contains an introduction to the website and contains two links. "My Candidate Assessment Strategy" is background on the assessment concept and "The Myth of the Perfect Candidate" should clear the the haze the progressive Democrats are injecting into the…


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National Debt Clock


The First CoastTea Party is a non-profit organization. We have no deep-pocketed special interest funding our efforts.

You may contact us at:

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9/28/21 School Board Meeting - Emergency Rule 64DER21-15

Tomorrow morning, September 28th, 2021 @ 10AM, the Duval County School Board will be holding an emergency special meeting to discuss the recent new rule from the  Florida Dept. of Health; Emergency Rule 64DER21-15, which empowers families to decide which protocols to implement if their healthy child has had exposure to COVID-19. This meeting will also discuss DCPS response to the…


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