I know I am probably reading more into this than is there, but humor me.


In my last post I talked about the interesting correlations between the historical, political and financial significance of the way in which the 'earth moved under our feet' - womb to seat to wallet. 


I think it is extremely interesting, as well, that this and the current disturbance are totally unusual for this areas of our country where they have occurred!  But some very unusual things have also been happening over this way that have been ripping at the very foundation of this country.  Most of them based in NY.  The legalizing of same-sex unions (let them) and calling it marriage (that's an oxymoron).  Do the bulk of Americans think that Governor Cuomo and the NY Legislature did the proper thing? 


There's the dismissing of prayer at a Memorial of the 10 Anniversary of 9/11.  As Ben Franklin said to the Continental Convention: ".....we had daily prayer in this room for Divine Protection.........And, have we now forgotten this Powerful Friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?"  I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg would say to Mr Franklin today?  Do a majority of people agree that Mayor Bloomberg called the issue equitably?   


And then there is the planning of a Day of Rage on Wall St. - a whipped up expression of a pseudo-class warfare mindset that has been concocted and projected upon the psyche of a dis-informed generation of Americans, manipulating them to be pawns for a socialist agenda. 


What about the judges that overturned the will of the people in CA?  Was this a good call?  I don't know what the people in CA are thinking right now, but I know that I might be keeping a close eye on the San Andreas fault or considering relocating. 


I couldn't help but notice that the place where Irene (in Greek, ironically, means "tranquility") made landfall at a place called Cape Lookout - one of the four prominent lighthouses of NC! Lighthouses have  traditionally been a depiction of being a guide, especially through storms.  I think that Someone is telling us to take heed and "Look Out!" for what is up ahead and get back on course!  Maybe the "tranquility" will come IF we'll listen, take the warning and steer toward safe harbor.  Our compass is our Constitution  and the moorings in that harbor, keeping us from going adrift,  are virtues like godliness, honesty, charity, diligence, vigilence, moral excellence, thrift and courage.


We were once that lighthouse illuminating the path to liberty.  I hope we will be that again for our kids and all freedom-loving, freedom-seeking people. 


May G*d be gracious to us out of his treasury of undeserved grace, and grant us the wisdom and intelligence,  along with a humble heart, to turn around and become once again, as President Reagan called us, "a city on a hill". 

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