Who are my people? My people were people who were dominated by man, state, or country. My people were people who faced prison, abuse, or death just because they acted on their God-given desire for liberty.
My people fled their oppressors for a location where liberty could rein in their lives. They took advantage of that liberty and carved out lives to be proud of. My people contributed to society, and from a wilderness, created a great country that allowed liberty to evolve.
    My people saw the diversity of the human race as an asset instead of a liability. My people fought and died in a revolutionary war, a civil war, two world wars, and every other past war of liberties purpose. My people made great strides and did move mountains with their ideas and results in business, political, and social evolution. My people were great people!
    I have only mentioned “My people” who came before us. The people you and I came from.
Who are “My people” today?
    I am just as proud of my people today as I am of my people of years earlier. My people today came from a few and now, are many. My people today are a force of liberty that is now proven to be able to institute change where conserving the foundations of liberty is necessary to liberty’s existence.
    My people today refuse to be dominated by man, sate, or country. My people today see the threat of prison, abuse, or death on the horizon and refuse to back down from the self-centered mindsets that want to dominate. My people today don’t have to relocate for liberty. My people today relocate self-centeredness from office because they have to be reminded that they are our servants and it is their time to flee.
    My people today take advantage of liberty and carve out lives they can be proud of. My people today see the diversity of the country as an asset to show the human race that liberty is a universal heartbeat, instead of a tool for division.
    My people today fight and die in wars of liberties purpose. My people today make great strides and do move mountains with their ideas and results in business, political, and social evolution. My people today are great people!
Do you know who my people are now? They are Liberty Lovers. We will be gathering from time to time, come join us. We can have a sip of tea and throw a party.
If you identify with “My people”, then you are “My people.” May God always bless my people.

Just to ponder 

    It’s ironic and politically incorrect to say “war on terror” these days, but perfectly correct for members of Congress to label the Tea Party as “terrorists and racists.” If you are a patriot, this fact should label your “enemy combatants” for you.





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