Responses from City Council Members re: 2012-296

Of all the e-mails I've sent to the City Council members these 3 have responded that they are opposed to 2012-296: Ray Holt, Matt Schellenberg, and Jim Love.

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Comment by Maxine Jessica Roberts on June 20, 2012 at 9:48pm

Mayor Brown hasn't made a public declaration on a position Patricia. 

Either way, thanks for stuffing me in with pedophiles and violent molesters you guys, in your comments you've made in letters to the council and in stuff you've said to the council in person. Everything that has been said against trans* people has been a lie and I can't believe I was ever associated with this group. I became violently ill hearing people say that the whole reason I wanted to use the female restroom was because I wanted to molest children. If I go into a mens restroom I'll get molested, now I have a few of getting stabbed by some overprotective mother if I use the womens. The message you are sending is I should just disappear and not use the restroom in public. I should shut up and kill myself as I'm not welcome in a safe environment anywhere. 

If you are so concerned with children getting molested in bathroom how about you propose a bill banning priests from bathrooms. Or maybe take care of your kids and be IN the bathroom with them. Lazy parents. 

If this bill gets passed without Gender Identity or Expression protections left in tack you wont have to worry about me possibly molesting your children anymore. I'm going to get the hell out of Cowford. I don't need the stress of always having to watch my back from crazies like you guys. 

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on June 13, 2012 at 7:25am

This bill would take a 2/3 vote to override a veto by the mayor. Does anyone know where the mayor stands on this first amendment breaking bill?

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