The Reason Registered Independent Voters Are Increasing.

            Some election analysts have been blaming the Tea Party for the 2012 Presidential election loss, they say the Tea Party stayed home. Some blamed Romney for being too nice or pushing social issues instead of economic issues. They say the social issues caused the independents to stay home. These and other MSM analysis are intended to sidetrack the conservatives in the post election review as their panning of the conservative candidates during the run up to the 2008 and 2012 primaries steered the conservative to the weakest Republican presidential candidates.


            In 2008 the Democrats stated their choice for the Republican Presidential candidate was John McCain. McCain was the least conservative candidate in the Republican field. The primaries started in Iowa and continued on in Democrat and open primary states. That got the ball rolling for McCain. By March the most conservative contenders for the candidacy had dropped out of the race for lack of support. The Democrats got their preferred challenger and Obama was able to handily beat McCain, 69,456,897 to 59,934,814.


            In 2012 the most conservative candidates were Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney was the least conservative candidate in the Republican field. The media kept trumpeting that Mitt had the best chance of beating Obama in the general election. The pollsters elevated each of the other candidates, one at a time, and the media then beat up the elevated challenger. They ignored Bachmann and Santorum, I assume they had nothing to beat these two up with. By not giving Michelle and Rick publicity, they appeared to be dead fish and weren’t electable. The liberal Romney was maneuvered into the Republican Presidential Candidate position and Obama was able to handily beat Romney 61,857,999 to 58,591,534.


            In comparing the total votes in each of the last two elections, 7,598,898 drop in Democrats and 1,343,280 drop in Republicans, I find it difficult to believe that either of the analysts’ proposals caused the Republican loss in the 2012 Presidential election. The Tea Party did not stay home and the social issues did not discourage the Independent voters.


            No one has looked into the growth of the Independent voters since 1952. Why do we have a growing number of voters who don’t identify with either major party? To understand this, I considered the application of compromise in the negotiations between Democrats and Republicans. When Democrats are the majority party they dictate legislation without including the Republican Party. When Democrats are in the minority they demand the Republicans compromise with them.


So, let’s look at a sample situation where compromise is demanded between Democrats (the left) and Republicans (the right) and lets make the Constitution of theUnited States an anchor point for the negotiations. The Republican platform is written so as to follow the intent of the constitution. The Democrat platform is written so as to ingrain Socialism into the American fiber.


The Republicans state their position to be near where they want to be when the negotiations are finished. The Democrats include throw-aways to surround their prize point in the negotiation. In negotiating both parties give up throw-aways until the Democrats are stripped down to their prize point and dig in their heels. They scream “Look how much we’ve given in to you. You are not negotiating in good faith.” The Republicans hang their head and say “Oh, alright. You have given up so much.” And the Republicans take another step to the left and further away from the Constitution. Whether the Democrats are inthe majority or the minority, conservatism loses every time.


This has been going on for so long that the Republican Party has been move so far to the left, there is a huge void on the right, the Constitutional side of the equation. The Independents may not consider themselves conservatives, but they are not happy with the direction America is being taken.


In the general elections of 2008 and 2012 the Republican National Committee presented the voters the two most liberal candidates from the Republican primaries, McCain and Romney. Both were defeated by a Democrat candidate that has the thinnest resume and the worst intentions for our country and the capitalist system that has made us the wealthiest and strongest country in history. I believe the Independents are totally discouraged from voting because they don’t see a difference in the direction either party is taking this country.


The RNC should stand up for the conservative Republican candidates when the opposition attacks them with lies and innuendos in the primaries. The RNC doesn’t need to support a particular candidate. It needs to expose the lies that the left so freely use to besmirch any candidates they most fear.  


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Comment by amanda choate on December 3, 2012 at 1:23pm
Republicans picked the candidates, not the RNC. Florida is no open primary and Romney won here.
Independents are to the left of Republicans, not the right. Republicans lost seats in the house and senate, not because they were too far left, rather too far right. Walsh and West are two examples of this in the house. Mourdoch and Akins the examples in the senate. Romney won Missouri and Indiana, so they lost votes he won. Romney won Walsh's district. Your notion does not hold water. The facts state otherwise. The sooner the tea party rids itself of these social issues the sooner we can work towards fiscal sanity.

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