Town Hall: Left And Right Going Nuclear On Rick Perry

I wondered how long it would be before someone came right out and told the truth about why they were heavily into smearing Rick Perry...............someone finally did!


Douglas MacKinnon


When you hear every single liberal media outlet in the country say, "We will know more about Rick Perry after we vet his 11 years in office," you need to understand that what they vindictively mean is: "President Obama and his followers will be proud of us after we are done with the mother of all smearing campaigns against the conservative governor of Texas."

Not since Ronald Reagan has a Republican candidate for president evoked such outright fear and loathing from the mainstream media and the far-left.

They are flat-out petrified of Perry and are desperately trying to kill off his candidacy before it can take hold. Why?

Simple. As they suspiciously heap praise on the likes of Jon Huntsman and even Mitt Romney, they increasingly worry that Perry has the best chance to defeat their handpicked socialist messiah now occupying the Oval Office.

With exactly that mission in mind, an editor of a major newspaper told me: "We plan to declare war on Rick Perry and do all in our power to crush him."

There you have it. No pretense of integrity, professionalism or of unbiased news-gathering. This particular newspaper plans to use its very considerable resources to destroy the Perry campaign before it gains momentum. Period.


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Comment by JL Gawlik on September 1, 2011 at 12:11pm
Does anyone know how we can submit questions for the upcoming debate and the one coming up in Orlando? We need to find out where ALL candidates stand on Agenda 21, Trans Continental Super Highway and Federal Reserve.
Comment by Roma and Tom on September 1, 2011 at 8:52am

I had high hopes for Rick Perry, and am disappointed that Perry has such baggage.  His support of the Trans Continental Super Highway and Huawei is part  agenda 21.  For that reason I could not support him. Chris Cristy might run.  If he does, I will check him out.


As for the current candidates; I guess it all depends on how important one believes it is to reign in the power of the Federal Reserve.

Comment by Roma and Tom on September 1, 2011 at 6:14am
Comment by JL Gawlik on August 31, 2011 at 8:27pm

Well, they certainly are smearing him at the above site, claiming that Texas is in debt in billions and billions of dollars because of Rick Perry.

As far as Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney they both are too, far to the left of the old TRUE Center (which has been moved by Bush Sr, and Jr. in my opinion.) Perry is still out being vetted. Not happy with his past, but will have to look at his last four years, we all change and grow up, at least some of us do. They discounted Obama, Carter, Reagan and Clinton as real candidates.

Hopefully we will see someone positive rise out of the GOP ashes by Easter, or perhaps a wee bit after, still a long time to go. Who knows?

I just want someone who wants limited government and someone who believes in our US Constitution, State Sovereignty, fiscal conservation and someone who is actually IN TOUCH WITH THE REALITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


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