ACTION ITEM: Florida Legislature: Florida Sanctuary City VOTE..


The next 2 days are critical for protecting the rule of law in our state!

Please urge everyone to contact the below lawmakers NOW (no, we cannot wait) about the FL Legislature 2019 FL Sanctuary City Law. It prohibits cities in Florida from declaring sanctuary status for illegal aliens and requires local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

We are winning. Thanks to your hard work, this bill has made it closer to passage than any previous legislative session! Please keep fighting.

Each of the FL House bills – HB 527 AND the FL Senate bill – SB – 168 – only have 1 more committee to pass before they can be voted on by the full House and full Senate. 

FL Senate SB 168, Federal Immigration Enforcement @FLSenate

Will be heard by FL Senate Rules committee at 2:00 PM, Wednesday, 4/17/2019

Have everyone email, call and social media EVERY Rules committee member and simply ask them to support FL Senate SB 168, Federal Immigration Enforcement

Need to convince Sen. Anitere Flores to vote FOR this! Also Senator Manny Diaz, Jr.

FL Senate Rules Committee Members:
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R) 850 487-5027 @lizbethkb
Senator Rob Bradley (R) 850 487-5005 @Rob_Bradley
Senator Jeff Brandes (R) 850 487-5024 ?
Senator Anitere Flores (R) 850 487-5039 ?
Senator Travis Hutson (R) 850 487-5007 ?
Senator Tom Lee (R) 850 487-5020 @TomLeeFL
Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R) 850 487-5028 ?
Senator David Simmons (R) 850 487-5009 ?
Senator Wilton Simpson (R) 850 487-5010 ?
Senator Kelli Stargel (R) 850 487-5022 ?
Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. 850 487-5036 ?


FL House HB-527, Federal Immigration Enforcement

Speaker of the House: Speaker Jose R. Oliva
HB 527 sponsor: Cord Byrd (R) 850 717-5011
Will be heard by FL House Judiciary Committee at 1:30PM, Tuesday, 4/16/2019. Have everyone email, call and social media EVERY Judiciary committee member and simply ask them to support FL House Bill 527, Federal Immigration Enforcement

FL House Judiciary Committee:
Chair: Renner, Paul [R] 850 717-5024
Vice Chair: Rommel, Bob [R] 850 717-5106
Beltran, Mike [R] 850 717-5057
Brannan III, Robert Charles "Chuck" [R] 850 717-5010
Fernandez-Barquin, Juan Alfonso [R] 850 717-5119
Fitzenhagen, Heather [R] 850 717-5078
Grant, James "J.W." [R] 850 717-5064
Gregory, Tommy [R] 850 717-5073
Hill, Mike [R] 850 717-5001
Killebrew, Sam H. [R] 850 717-5041
LaMarca, Chip [R] 850 717-5093
Sirois, Tyler I. [R] 850 717-5051

Here is our message to these lawmakers:
My name is Lane Watkins from Columbia County, Florida. Thank you for allowing me to speak. We are speaking out because we live in fear of lawlessness that results when lawbreakers – those in our country illegally - are incentivized by sanctuary policies and law enforcement non-cooperation with ICE. Make no mistake – We support legal immigration! Citizens throughout Florida support HB-527 and SB 168 and urge you to approve this bill and reject efforts to weaken its enforcement provisions. Floridians urgently need action now at the state level before government officials begin rejecting the rule of law as we have seen in other states.
Here are some poor souls who can’t testify before you because they were murdered by illegal aliens as a result of local law enforcement lack of cooperation with ICE:
Denver Colorado first-degree murder; Oregon Wife murdered by husband released despite detainer; 3 people from 2 Missouri families murdered; San Jose, CA March 2019, woman brutally stabbed.
What do you say to the families who have to bury their dead family members about the rule of law? This is an urgent public safety matter. Will I or my family be next to die? Will those that have testified against this bill be the next victim?
Please vote for HB-527 and SB 168 and protect the citizens of Florida.

Pat and Lane Watkins, Lake City, FL
John Lacquey, Branford, FL
Karen Jaroch, Tampa, FL
Carolyn Land, Mayo, FL
Carol Manning, Naples, FL
Ed Harris, Lake City, FL
Alice and Terry Beutien, Palatka, FL
John Nelson, Sebring, FL

Good Luck!
Lane Watkins
Conservative Grass Roots Organizer
"This is a call to action. Don't leave it to someone else. That someone is you. Work to get new folks engaged."
Cell: 904 673 0788

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