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Please call Congress starting TODAY through Friday to protect Internet Freedom, the hearts & minds of our kids, & stop Baby Common Core!



Congressional leadership has likely been negotiating this weekend as they finish work on the federal budget before the pre-election recess. There are three sets of issues that you need to act on FIRST THING MONDAY 9/26 - 1) Internet freedom & Data Privacy 2) The FedEd budget as it affects social emotional profiling and Baby Common Core 3) Subjection of women to the draft
Capitol Hill House Switchboard 202-225-3121
Capitol Hill Senate Switchboard 202-224-3121

1)  Internet Freedom and Data Privacy - This affects us all regardless of our issues, beliefs or political party!
  • Stop the Obama Administration Internet Giveaway - Unless an amendment is added to the temporary budget bill (continuing resolution), control of the Internet will go to an international group by October 1st. Details are in this excellent article by Tony Perkins  . There is widespread bipartisan concern by as such diverse figures as  Senator Ted Cruz, who is fighting this in Congress, former Presiden...  and   Donald Trump Regardless of your beliefs or political party, p lease tell your members of Congress you support free speech and the Internet Freedom Act!
  • Stop Federal Computer Based Data Collection 
    Because of an obscure procedural rule affirmed by the Supreme Court, unless Congress acts to amend or reject this rule by December 1st, one judge can issue a warrant that would allow the federal government to hack into millions of computers and devices and not even tell those affected. Details are available in 
    If you care about freedom from unlawful searches and seizures and protecting your data privacy, please tell your members of Congress to change or amend Rule 41! Support the bipartisan Stop Mass Hacking Act HR 5321 by Reps Poe (R-TX), Conyers (D-MI) & others/ S 2952 by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Rand Paul (R-KY) and others!


2) Help Congress Protect the Hearts and Minds of our Children
By supporting cuts in the federal education budget, we have a chance to slow down or stop the psychological profiling of student and the imposition of Baby Common Core standards through Head Start. Details are available in the following articles at Truth in American Education and Education Liberty Watch:
Please tell your members of Congress you support the following cuts:
  • The House position of more significant cuts for the following budget and policy items:
    • Overall education budget
    • Institute of Education Sciences - data mining & psychological profiling
    • State Assessment Grants
    • Withholding of funds to enforce the unconstitutional Administration's Title IX "Dear Colleague Letter" regarding bathroom and locker room policy
  • The Senate position that cuts substantially more than the House for School Improvement Programs that promote social emotional learning programs and that strip parental authority, invade privacy, and violate freedom of conscience.
  • The early-childhood budget should be cut and by a very substantial amount, which neither budget did, because of the abject failure, invasiveness, and high cost of these programs.  

3) Don't let the Feds Draft Wives and Daughters that Manage our Children's Education!  Whether children are in public, private or home schools, it is usually mom that keeps things running and serves as an advocate for their children in most cases. Details on why drafting women is such a terrible idea are in the video above by a combat active woman Marine Jude Eden and  at this link by Elaine Donnelly  of the Center for Military Readiness. Please tell Congress to reject the McCain plan to draft our wives and daughters! 
 You can find your Representative/Senators phone numbers/emails on the following links:
"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."
Adolf Hitler

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