Activist Post: Texas Mayor Officially Cancels Agenda 21 Membership

The most important thing citizens can do is to make one question central to all politicians who are running for office.  The questions should be if they know about and understand what Agenda 21 is and secondly, what is their stand on Agenda 21.  Accountability must be a key to any elections in the future, and personally, I don't think someone should be in office and be passing what they think is benign legislation when nothing could be further from the truth..................and do you really want someone representing you who does not understand what is going on in our country and the part the UN has in this program to turn us into serfs with an all powerful government controlling our every move.
Joe Wright Activist Post
The city of Irving, Texas has officially withdrawn its membership from ICLEI -- the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. This NGO was established in 1990 and is the action division of the policies laid out under the UN's Agenda 21 plan -- the globalist initiative to usher in a post-industrial world for the 21st century through the creation of local laws and requirements for city planning that essentially erase personal property rights and even steal land under a "sustainable" umbrella.
On ICLEI's own website (under the "Programs" section), they state, "Our campaigns, programs, and projects promote Local Agenda 21 as a participatory, long-term, strategic planning process that addresses local sustainability while protecting global common goods." Cities pay dues in order to obtain direction from ICLEI in establishing local policy and law. This is a violation of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 10: "No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance or Confederation..." ICLEI receives funding by the David Rockefeller Fund, United States EPA, etc. ICLEI targets mayors -- in the 'Cool Mayor' program, and other local officials to implement Agenda 21. (Source).
The Achilles Heel of ICLEI is exactly what has been targeted by Tommy Gonzalez, the Irving City Manager, and Mayor Beth Van Duyne; namely that local implementation is susceptible to public pressure and principled local officials who can resist the globalist march into their communities.
The resistance must spread, for the world that is planned under the co-opted term of sustainability is nothing short of a futuristic dystopia of people herded into high-density living spaces, rationing of infrastructure and services, removal of personal property rights, and strict government monitoring and control over every aspect of the lives of individuals. It is a collectivist model that is distinctly anti-American, as the Planned-opolis video below demonstrates:
One can immediately sense the anti-entrepreneurial, anti-free market rhetoric that sets up a class warfare argument for proposing solutions that have historically led to a serf-lord relationship under bureaucratic totalitarian regimes. This is, in fact, neo-feudalism.
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Comment by Roma and Tom on March 29, 2012 at 10:00am

P.S. But the problem even bigger than the misinformation is that politicians (and others such as those counting our votes) are punished for going against the establishment, and rewarded for their co-operation.  The unlimited funds to all these activities (Aspen Institute,  CFR, IMF, WTO, International Democratic Party, International Republican Party ext) comes not only from our tax money but from the unlimited funds of the Federal Reserve.  According to the IMF website (which says they promote a "One World Governance" under the U.N.) It receives their direction from the Federal Reserve/ World Bank.  


So the only real way to end the corruption is to cut the unbelievable and secretive amount of funding coming from the Federal Reserve...return to Sound Money as the Constitution requires us to do

Comment by Roma and Tom on March 29, 2012 at 9:41am

Good post Patricia.  It is important to inform the public, and our political leaders.  Organizations like Aspen Institute (George Soros backed training ground for political leaders) has misinformed our politicians about the Constitution, and other issues.

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