By Derby Ulloa

By now everyone knows Trump won the White House. Democrats (Communists) are enraged. Republicans are happy; however, they are talking and acting as though the Democrats were still in power. I can see that many conservatives were afraid to speak out against Obama because after all, Obama could have easily sent the IRS or FBI or DHS after you and ruin your life for a long time if not for ever.

Well, Obama is not in power any more. Pres. Trump is on our side. What are we afraid of? It is time for Conservatives and Tea Party supporters to fight and act as we did in 2009 which gave us control of the House in 2010. We need to help Pres. Trump keep his campaign promises. We  all know he is not perfect, and right now he is backpedaling on some major issues, but still he is our only choice and  hope to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We know all Democrats, the Media, Academia, Hollywood, most Minorities and even MANY REPUBLICANS are doing a pretty good job delaying and even stopping Trump’s agenda.

WE MUST TAKE THE OFFENSIVE. Talking and wishing will not win the war. We have won only one battle, Trump’s election, but we have many more battles to fight and win. We must ATTACK the enemies within from every side, on every opportunity, constantly, viciously, mercilessly, and this means attacking the treasonous RINOs as well.  If we had not dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, they would not have surrendered just 3 days after the second bomb. Thousands of Japanese had to die, but it was better than Americans dying. In the Middle East our military is fighting under very stupid and restrictive “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”. The only “RULE” should be DESTROY AND KILL THE ENEMY AND COME BACK ALIVE. We must fight to win or not fight.

Whether we like it or not, WE ARE AT WAR, and we must take the offensive or we will lose our country just like it happened in Cuba, Venezuela, etc., etc.

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