Late last June, had a fall and dislocated my right shoulder. Four days later, my son kidnapped me (sic) and relocated me to North Carolina and established the followup medical requirements including Physical Therapy. I sold my home in Jacksonville and bought a home here. My son is a retired Marine. Obviously, I've been among the missing at FCTP meetings and events, but my heart is still with all. I did cast my last vote in Florida for Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis and held my breath all day Monday & Tuesday. I was ecstatic Wednesday especially when I read the results of the Senate Race there. I remember the protests at Nelson's office wanting him to ignore Obamacare. I talked to Billie Tucker and we shared our satisfaction they he will (hopefully) be sent home. I'm confident the recount will be positive for Scott. I'd like to stay in touch with the First Coast Tea Party and I'd like to share this note with all: If you think Florida Politics is dirty, come to North Carolina. Bill Schroeder.

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Comment by Babs Jordan on November 10, 2018 at 5:56am

Hey Bill, good to hear from you! Yes, I used to live in Charlotte and I know about the politics up there. Oddly enough it's a big reason we moved to Jacksonville! We continue to hold our breath and keep from exploding about what's happening here. It's frightening to think we could have a socialist running this state.  It would destroy our economy down here and make it one of the worst destinations for business, not to mention how many would relocate. Thank you for both your service and thanks for staying in touch!


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