Jacksonville City Council President  Anna Lopez Brosche wants to inventory all Confederate memorials  in order to REMOVE  them and later display them in a museum or some sort of an out of the way place. This is because, according to her and some minority groups such as Black Lives Matter, such memorials are a symbol of slavery, racism, white supremacy and hate. These memorials are OFFENSIVE to her and some of her constituency who want to erase and rewrite American history and especially Southern Heritage.

If this is the case, then I am waiting for her to issue an order to also inventory ALL THE JAGUAR IMAGES throughout the city and have them REMOVED because Jaguar players and their owner, Mr. Khan, DISRESPECTED OUR FLAG AND NATIONAL ANTHEM in London by taking a knee or standing with arms crossed instead of standing with the right hand over their hearts as is the tradition in American society. Such action is OFFENSIVE TO MOST AMERICAN, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO SERVE IN THE MILITARY. President Trump is right in calling them   S.O.B.’s because that is not the way or the place to express a political opinion on any subject. It is never OK to disrespect our Flag or National Anthem.

Now, will City Council Pres. Brosche be consistent and defend our Flag and National Anthem? Will she be concerned about the insult perpetrated on the great majority of her Jacksonville constituents? Or will she side with the Jaguar players and Mr. Khan because they will give her a campaign contribution for her reelection? Over 70% of NFL players are Black, most are millionaires, and Mr. Khan is a billionaire Pakistani Moslem. I wonder what racism or discrimination they have suffered. No, the issue is not RACISM, the issue is that all of them HATE Trump and will do whatever it takes to stop Trump’s agenda and erase and rewrite our Christian, Western European,  English speaking history and culture.

Mrs. Brosche can side with Pres. Trump and the average American in Jacksonville OR she can side with the Jaguars and Mr. Khan who have shown NO RESPECT FOR OUR FLAG AND NATIONAL ANTHEM. Then we will know who the racists and haters are.

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Posted by Babs Jordan on October 16, 2020 at 5:30am

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