Nikki and I went to The Herman Cain Unity Rally in Tampa yesterday...with our Two If By Tea and Free Capitalist Workers of America memberships. WET but inspiring as only Herman can.

Herman gave us his 3 Steps to Tea Party Success:

   1. Stay Informed

   2. Stay Involved

   3. Stay Inspired

Many of you were there in Middleburg at the Rally visited by Candidate Cain, Candidate Scott and several other 2010 Conservative hopefuls. We must repeat those successes with Mack, DeSantes, Romney / Ryan.

Larry and Nikki White

God Bless America

Go to Capitalist Workers of America for FREE Membership and CWA shirts and coffee mugs and lots of free education books and references.

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Comment by Helen on August 28, 2012 at 6:31am

The three steps are good advice for life in general!! 

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