Crenshaw represents the second most conservative district in Florida, yet he is the most underperforming member and one of the most liberal Republicans in the delegation.

The Madison Project exposes Ander Crenshaw's voting record which is horrid! See below and go to the website. Our FL delegation is weak!
Ander Crenshaw is met with open arms at the Duval REC meetings which is alarming! He needs to be replaced and we have a choice in August and November.

"Crenshaw represents the second most conservative district in Florida, yet he is the most underperforming member and one of the most liberal Republicans in the delegation. In 2011, Crenshaw voted for every spending bill, the debt ceiling, and against almost every effort to cut spending. As a member of the appropriations committee, Crenshaw is a big supporter of TARP and earmarks. Although he voted against Obamacare, as did all Republicans, Crenshaw supports the provision to mandate coverage for preexisting conditions – the very mandates that are driving up the cost of health insurance premiums. He clearly has no understanding of free markets or the proper role of government."

Shedding Light on Conservative Voting

During every election cycle, nearly every single Republican candidate is quick to promote cherished American values such as free enterprise and individual liberty while out on the campaign trail. However, once elected, a disheartening majority of these elected officials end up abandoning the very principles that got them elected. Many of these members of Congress represent strong conservative states and districts. They’ve been able to hide their not-so-conservative performance…until now.

MPI: A whole new way of looking at things

The Madison Performance Index (MPI) compares the voting records of Republican members of Congress against the ideological makeup of their district or state. Our objective is to shed light on real conservative performance … providing one-stop access to information about Republicans, especially those in red states, who reject conservative values in office.

Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame members are the worst of the worst, radically underperforming the conservative expectations of their districts. Unfortunately for them, the words of Abraham Lincoln ring clear:
“You may fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

The American people are waking up…and it does not bode well for our Hall of Shame members. Despite being elected by extremely conservative states or districts, these elected representatives are not helping to restore and strengthen our constitutional Republic. They muddle the conservative message by supporting their own forms of stimulus, bailouts, and corporate welfare. Their liberal records speak volumes…and we are committed to not only exposing their actions but also finding and supporting strong, conservative primary challengers.
Meet the Hall of Shame:

Here is a list of members who are dramatically underperforming in strong Republican districts or have scored a failing grade in swing districts. These are our pale-pastel politicians – the ones who blur the distinction between the parties.

Members scoring 20 points or more below their conservative districts (defined as R+7 and above). There are 52 such members!:
Cook PVI Member State District 2011 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI)
R+17 Crenshaw, Ander FL 4 53.5 -36.5

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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on August 13, 2013 at 10:28am

And then, there is the promise of a carrier and all things military which never quite seem to materialize.

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on August 13, 2013 at 10:27am

These folks use the word "conservative" about themselves, and much like John McCain (who uses it the word during all his re-election campaigns in Arizona even though he is the worst of the worst), the great uninformed fall for the kind Southern gentleman drawl and off to the polls they go to vote him in again.  Then, they wonder why we get more of the same stuff year after year.  Hopefully, he won't win the primary this time, but it counts on getting the word out in a major way!

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on June 21, 2012 at 8:57am

Hank, you are point on.  Crenshaw has to go and totally agree with your commentary!

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