FairTax=non-partisan solution to expanding economy!

Both Houses in Florida's legislature passed The Florida Memorial last year...HR-25=FairTax!  

FairTax is the ONLY plan that rids us of the abusive, costly, wasteful, intrusive & corrupt IRS (mandated)...it also eliminates a lot of other obtrusive Fed taxation & compliance.  It is about YOUR money...you earned it, so you should be able to keep it!

The original Tea Party was a protest against abusive taxation, this is a continuation of that same idea!

Consult FFTEA (Facebook) for more info, materials, petitions & DVD=UNFAIR (non-partisan, in-depth, expose' of our current taxing system...a must see!  Eye-opening acct of how IRS negatively affects your life in many subtle ways, some not-so-subtle.

It is important for business to support FairTax...many dollars are wasted in the compliance to unnecessary Fed regulations/taxation...if business is allowed to expand, so do employment opportunities & higher pay scales result, as well!  This helps the consumer, the employee & the economy in general.

FairTax=HR-25 (Ways/Means) & S-155 (US Senate copy).  We need more co-sponsors of both bills from our Reps...that includes our US Senators...are you listening, Mr Rubio, Mr Nelson?

The mid-term election results were not so much an embrace of Republicans...it was a strong condemnation of Dem policies, from the Pres on down!  Let's return to The Constitution as THE law of the land!

FFTEA is a non-profit, non-partisan org that seeks to free America from the burdensome taxation we endure(d) for over a century!  Please write to your Congressmen & your US Senators, urging them to co-sponsor HR-25 & S-155!

FFTEA is affiliated with AFFT; however, those contributions are NOT tax deductible...but they too, need the funds to implement pressure on the US Delegation (see also Club 535)  We are all in this together!

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Posted by Babs Jordan on April 20, 2020 at 5:32pm

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