February 13, 2016...The day the U.S. Constitution died.

With the suicide and death of The United States of America it is not a surprise that the foundation and founding principles of The United States would also meet it's demise.

The U.S. Constitution has no powers of it's own.  It is not a magical document.  It must be upheld, adhered to and enforced by the people elected and appointed to do just that.  They must abide by the oath of office and duty each has sworn to do.

The Constitution has no life of it's own, it can inspire, motivate and provide a foundation to operate by but it was formulated and written for a certain people and must have like minded people to give it any power and life.

The last steadfast courageous protector and means of life support for the U.S. Constitution has died...therefore the U.S. Constitution has passed with him.

Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has died and there is no one to take up his mantle.  

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