Voter fraud is of concern to all patriots.  Representatives of the FCTP Election Team met with the Supervisors of Elections of the surrounding counties on voter fraud.  All Northeast Florida counties except Duval use electronic poll books that scan each voter’s Government issued picture/signature ID for all election at all voting sites.  This scanning process reduces fraud and saves on labor costs.  Duval County only has enough electronic poll books for early voting.   

The Election Team asked the Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland if Duval had experienced benefits in using the electronic poll books and if so, why they are not being used exclusively in Duval as in the surrounding counties.  Supervisor Holland provided the list shown below of eight advantages that certainly justify the use of electronic poll books.  The problem is one of budget reallocation.  The money is in the Supervisor’s budget in another area but City Council must approve a reallocation in his existing budget for additional electronic poll books.

Please help reduce voter fraud in the 2014 elections by contacting your City Council Representatives and the Mayor and request reallocation in the Supervisor of Elections budget for electronic poll books.  Call or emailing the City Council President Gulliford, your Duval At-Large Council Member, your District Council Member  and Mayor Brown.  A sample email, email addresses, phone numbers and additional information follows. To find your District and At-Large Council Member, go to and click on My Neighborhood Search.  

S A M P L E   E M A I L:

To: City Council President Bill Gulliford,, At-Large Council Member ________ and District Council Member _________

Copy to:

Voter fraud is of concern to all citizens.  Electronic poll books scan each voter’s Government issued picture/signature ID at the polls.  This scanning process reduces fraud and saves on labor costs.  Electronic poll books are used exclusively in all northeast Florida counties except Duval. This county only has enough for early voting.   It is requested that you approve the reallocation in the Supervisor of Election budget for the additional electronic poll books needed for all 2014 election sites.  

We (or I) look forward to your favorable response.  Thank you for your service. 

Name(s) and address of sender(s). 


1. Prevents potential fraud of in-county move-ins who do not have to vote provisions.  An electronic poll book system would be updated that they voted at another precinct under another address.

2.  Allows out of county move-ins to vote a regular ballot if the counties utilize electronic poll books, thus reducing the number of provisional ballots cast on Election Day that must be verified afterwards. 

3.  Reduces lines at precincts because voters will no longer have to wait in alphabetically divided lines. Any station can check in a voter making it truly first-come-first serve.

4. Eliminates labor intensive turnaround time between the close of Saturday Early Voting and Election Day paper register validation, production and delivery. 

 5.  Allows those who requested an absentee ballot but did not bring it with them to the polls to surrender to vote regular ballot because an electronic poll book system would be able to confirm if an absentee has been turned in and counted for that voter. 

6.  Reduces staffing requirements, thus reducing staffing costs.

7.  Reduces post-election man-hours updating voter history by hand. 

8.  Allows candidates and parties to track voter turnout by precinct and individual voters throughout Election Day with automatic voter history updates. 

District 1: Clay Yarborough, Phone: (904) 630-1389, Email:

District 2: William Bishop, Phone: (904) 630-1392, Email:

District 3: Richard Clark, Phone: (904) 630-1386, Email:

District 4: Don Redman, Phone: (904) 630-1394, Email:

District 5: Lori N. Boyer, Phone: (904) 630-1382, Email:

District 6: Matt Schellenberg, Phone: (904) 630-1388, Email: 

District 7: Dr. Johnny Gaffney, Phone: (904) 630-1384, Email:

District 8: E. Denise Lee, Phone: (904) 630-1385, Email:

District 9: Warren A. Jones, Phone: (904) 630-1395, Email:

District 10: Reginald L. Brown, Phone: (904) 630-1684, Email:

District 11: Ray Holt, Phone: (904) 630-1383, Email:

District 12: Doyle Carter, Phone: (904) 630-1380, Email:

District 13: Bill Gulliford, Phone: (904) 630-1397, Email: 

District 14: Jim Love, Phone: (904) 630-1390, Email:

Group 1: Kimberly Daniels, Phone: (904) 630-1393, Email:

Group 2: John R. Crescimbeni, Phone: (904) 630-1381, Email:

Group 3: Stephen C. Joost, Phone: (904) 630-1396, Email:

Group 4: Greg Anderson, Phone: (904) 630-1398, Email:

Group 5: Robin Lumb, Phone: (904) 630-1387, Email:




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