How Patriotism is Convoluted into Racism.

            Today is September, 2011. One of the few constitutional functions of the United States Government is to protect the country’s borders. Mexicans are flying the American flag upside down and below the Mexican flag on school flag poles in California. Mexicans and OTMs are wading onto the United States from Mexico between checkpoints, many carrying drugs and guns. Border Patrol agents, farmers and even vacationers are being killed by these lawbreakers along our Southern border and in our Southern cities. Our Attorney General Eric Holder tells our ATF agents to stand down when asked for permission to intercept shipments of weapons illegally being taken across the border into Mexico. The Tea Party stands in opposition to the illegal immigrants running around freely in the US. The Tea Party is labeled “racist” for its opposition to illegal immigration.


            The terms “racist” and “racism” have been used successfully to silence opposition to activities by the progressive movement and is intended to upend American social and religious morals. The terms racist and racism were reintroduced by the progressives by resurrecting the concept of slavery which had been legislated out of existence in the United States over a hundred years ago, and they built on that. The movement has been successful, so far, because our civil skin, the genteel American, had been taking the abrasions without a whimper. The sub-dermal layer, the moderate and progressive politicians, has no backbone and in many cases has sided with the illegal immigrants against the constitution of the United States ignoring their oath of office to protect ‘The Constitution’. We are now down to the meat and backbone of the country, the job producers and workers of the country, being labeled racist for siding against illegal immigration and insisting the United States government do its job and protect the United States borders and legal residents. We have taken notice and reject the labels.


            Finally, in labeling the Tea Party as racists in these times, the progressives are attempting to bring the black Americans into the same group as illegal immigrants. The NAACP has joined the progressives in labeling the Tea Party as racist. The black Americans should be taking serious umbrage with this manipulation and take their progressive leaders to task for disenfranchising them from their American heritage.

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