It's the Body Count That Counts in the 'War on Women'

If only a few liberal women would understand the war on women is not being waged by who they think it is.  Those who are really waging the war have zero respect for women and see them as prostitutes more than their highly skilled and smart counterparts.


With the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision being marked this past week, it might be an auspicious time to check in on that "War on Women."

The phrase was concocted by liberals during the last presidential election to characterize conservatives and the Republican Party in general.

The notion liberals were trying to convey was that conservatives were attempting to pass laws allegedly restricting women's "right to choose," keeping them out of the work force and preventing them from achieving "equality." A couple of loud-mouthed Republican fossils like Rep. Todd Akin didn't help dispel the image.

Because abortion is so central to the Left's idea of feminism, it's appropriate to examine what exactly abortion has accomplished and how feminists' promotion of the industry has affected women.

So let's break this down.

The Left believes:

  • A woman's right to get an abortion is sacred. This includes anytime during a pregnancy, from the moment after conception up to the moments following giving birth. They have come up with numerous ways to accomplish this, from the morning after pill to gruesome third trimester abortions that collapse the skull of a living baby and pull out the carcass. Reports abound of certain doctors who, having delivered a live baby, are willing to let newborns die on a table or who outright kill the children after delivery by breaking their necks.
  • A woman should be a slut and be proud of the fact. Numerous liberal groups, including so-called family planning organizations, have taken to promoting "slut pride" campaigns that encourage a woman to have frequent sex with as many partners as she pleases. The only suggested caveat usually is that she should employ some form of birth control. What they don't advertise is that because of contraception failure rates, the average woman with an active sex life will become pregnant within two years despite using birth control. Encouraging sex with multiple partners also irresponsibly encourages the spread of disease. Most birth control will not stop a disease from being transmitted to a partner, and condoms are only partially effective.
  • An unborn child is just an inconvenience. The abortion lobby cannot acknowledge the personhood of unborn children because of the moral consequences. They change the vocabulary of the abortion discussion by using euphemisms such as "fetus" to disguise what's being killed; "health care" to conceal that abortion is almost never necessary and is physically dangerous to the mother; and "family planning" to cover the fact that what clinics are doing is preventing women from having a family and risking their future fertility to boot.
  • Abortion "frees" women. After an abortion, a woman won't have to worry about her time being taken up by pregnancy or having a child. She will have to worry about possible medical complications and long-lasting psychological scars. It's one thing to talk about "freedom to choose," but it's another to live with your choices, and choosing abortion comes with a lifetime of guilt and loss.

On the other hand, conservatives believe:

  • Human life is sacred. While there are cases where an abortion sadly is medically necessary, the vast majority of abortions are elective, and adoption would be a morally better choice. Life is the first right of all people, and adoption gives a child a chance while letting a woman go "free," which abortionists claim is their real goal.
  • A woman's choice to be a mother is equally as important as pursuing a career, and most wisely made before choosing to engage in sex. The decision to abstain outside of marriage is not only more dignified for a woman and her man, but it is also less physically risky and more conducive to long-term mental health. Married couples raising their children also help build a solid foundation for the community.
  • An unborn child is a blessing and potentially a boon for society. Children who are born into stable two-parent families are more likely to become contributing members of the community, and any one of them could potentially be the next Einstein or Jefferson.

So in summary, the Left encourages women to sacrifice their health and dignity to the feminist god of abortion. Women are reduced to "lady parts," as so many liberals and their organizations like to put it.

The Right wants women to be wise, healthy, dignified and respected.

While liberals fantasize about conservatives killing women in back alleys, it's the Left that has racked up an actual body count: 55 million since Roe v. Wade, half of those girls.

So who's really waging a war on women? The answer is written in blood.


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