Happy Fall everybody! Just some quick ramblings here.

Does anybody know of any good children's coloring books, comic books, etc., about the Constitution, founding of America, etc., that might be available to hand out on Halloween? I thought one of those and some candy would be a great treat for the kids in my neighborhood. I will search the 'net, but thought maybe some of you had already found something like that you could recommend.

Also, I see Kevin Hyde dropped out of the Mayor's race. I think he saw the handwriting on the wall after he voted FOR that tax hike. Did he really believe we would elect him as mayor??? I also wanted to let everyone know I spoke with Audrey Moran - another mayoral candidate - at the recent Hob Nob and asked her where she stands on things like the Human Rights Commission, the Jacksonville Children's Commission etc. She is ALL FOR these types of groups and programs. So, she's just another tax and spend, cradle-to-grave politician. Just wanted to let you know. Whittling down the list.

Have a great week everybody!

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Comment by Valerie Sawyer on October 11, 2010 at 1:04pm
Thank you!
Comment by Karen M on October 11, 2010 at 12:56pm
Alphabet for America Chidren Coloring book. http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/BookDetail.aspx?Book=292674

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