National Voter Registration Day - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Voter apathy is a greater danger to our nation's future than even the lack of leadership that has been so prominently on display over the last number of years by the elected leaders of both parties.  The power of the people is greater than the people in power IF WE THE PEOPLE vote and hold those elected accountable.   

In 2008, 6 million Americans did not vote because they did not know how to register or missed registration deadlines, according to the US Census.  This year, volunteers, celebrities and organizations from all over the country will “hit the streets” for *National Voter Registration Day and they hope to reach thousands.  Locally, voter registration is being held at the Avenues Mall, the Regency Square Mall, the Ponte Vedra Post Office and other sites to be announced by your county Supervisors of Elections. 

You can independently participate in this voter registration drive and every other day as well by:

  •  Contacting your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or associates and ask if you can give them a Voter Registration Application so that they are not left out in our 2014 elections.  Ask them if they are satisfied with the direction the country is going and if they are not, encourage them to register to vote.  Keep a few Voter Registration Applications in your glove compartment and briefcase for those times when the subject unexpectedly pops up.   If you don’t get your loved ones and friends registered, who will

Voter Registration Applications can be picked up at various places, including the First Coast Tea Party office, public libraries, driver’s licenses offices and Supervisors of Election offices.  Once a Voter Registration Application is completed, that person must mail or deliver the completed form.  Do not take their completed application.   

  •  When you created your First Coast Tea Party personal data base of your friends, family and acquaintances, some persons you entered were not found because they were not registered to vote.  Now is an excellent time to contact those people and talk with the m about registering to vote during the National Voter Registration campaign.  If you need help with either creating your password or using this data base, you may  ___________________. 

For additional information, contact your Supervisor of Election:

Baker:  (904) 259-6339 or

Clay:  (904) 269-6350 or

Duval:  (904) 630-1414 or

Nassau:  (904) 491-7500 or

St. Johns:  (904) 823-2238 or 

Or visit:


*National Voter Registration Day has been made possible in part by a working group of organizations, including Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Education Fund, Bus Federation Civic Fund, Fair Elections Legal Network, League of Women Voters, Nonprofit Vote, and Voto Latino.  The First Coast Tea Party is not an official partner of the National program. 

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