Obama’s Pen Says: A Little Terror Association is OK, Welcome To America

Another bad decision for our country and for us given all the facts about those who request entry into the country and the number who submit fraudulent claims on their forms.

507 obama dhs johnson kerry new rules association terroristsNeighborhood watch organizations had better get ready. B. Hussein Obama has just made it much easier and more certain that terrorism will come to America’s streets.

In a move that one senator described as “deeply alarming,” Obama has used his pen to change the rules regarding who is able to immigrate to the United States. Now individuals who have provided what is described as “limited material support” to terror groups will be considered for entry to the United States. The Secretary of State, John Kerry as well as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson both signed on to the idea as well.

Democrat supporters of the change, such as Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, are playing the “fairness card” in their feeble attempts to rationalize this action.

Leahy issued a statement saying, “The existing interpretation was so broad as to be unworkable.  It resulted in deserving refugees and asylees being barred from the United States for actions so tangential and minimal that no rational person would consider them supporters of terrorist activities.”

Critics disagree, citing a report issued on Thursday which highlighted the high levels of fraud among asylum seekers. The Washington Times also reported Thursday that a 2009 fraud assessment found at least 70 percent of asylum applications had signs of fraud.

Senator Jeff Sessions, employing common sense and logic, issued a statement which was critical of the move. The Senator said, “In light of these and other facts, it is thus deeply alarming that the Obama administration would move unilaterally to relax admissions standards for asylum seekers and potentially numerous other applicants for admission who have possible connections to insurgent or terrorist groups.  We need to tighten security standards for asylum, not relax them even further.”

Senator Sessions also charged that the Obama administration was acting in a legislative manner, on its own altering the Immigration and Nationality Act. He said, “What is the point of Congress passing a law if the administration abuses its ‘discretion’ to say that law simply no longer applies?”

If the U.S. government does not consider someone to be a threat but they have ties to terror groups, this rule change could apply to them. This is the group which has been supposedly “adversely affected by the broad terrorism bars of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA),” according to one DHS official.

The DHS official offered up several anecdotal examples of the type of innocent behavior, such as paying a bridge toll which went to an extremist group which are not dissimilar to the type of candy coated examples trotted out in virtually every Obama act, be it a stage full of human props or a reference to a recipient of health care in the state of the union address.

Reality needs to find a place in the rhetoric as well as the actions of this nefarious group running America into the ground.

Senator Sessions pointed out that although this change would apply to those who gave support to non-designated terror groups, that process is not always current. He noted how al-Qaeda was not officially designated as a terror organization until 1999.

With the rapid morphing of different factions in the Syrian conflict as well as other areas, there is a high likelihood that the government will remain inevitably remain behind the curve on those designations.

The president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Dan Stein, sees the change as just another attempt to maximize the number of people coming into the country. He said, “This administration no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt in making these kinds of rule changes.  The consequences are potentially dire for … public safety.”

This action and his support of it is another argument against the new Department of Homeland Security Director, Jeh Johnson. Once assuming his position, he immediately came out with a statement that illegal aliens had earned a right to citizenship. A trend is becoming quite apparent that DHS is a tool of the Obama agenda, and whatever is deemed to be an enhancement of that political machinery will soon find its way into DHS policy.

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