I emailed this to the Mayor and every member of City Council. I wonder if I will hear from any of them.

Dear Mayor and City Council,

The fact is that Mayor Delaney and his City Council signed an illegal contract. It was too generous for the Police and Fire Depts., but one that the tax payers could not afford. Since then no Mayor or City Council member or Judge has openly acknowledged that they are functioning OUTSIDE THE LAW. No one has ever been held accountable or even apologized for their irresponsible actions. Now the current audit finds all kinds of irregularities, mismanagement and unanswered questions. The Governor and State Attorney have chosen not to get involved so far; their predecessors did not get involved either.


In the meantime our City's financial future continues to  worsen (becoming Detroit) while City Council thinks of ways to fund the pension ( more taxes). I can only surmise that most elected officials (politicians) only know how to spend more by taxing more, but they are incapable of CUTTING SPENDING and LOWERING TAXES. Laws do not apply to them, only to the average tax payer. If I were to sign and uphold an illegal contract, I would be fined and put in jail, BUT not so for elected officials. They move up to higher office or to cushy appointments.


Some politicians and experts will tell me I do not know what I am talking about. To them I say I know how to read the Florida Statues below.



Derby Ulloa

( Over taxed and over regulated citizen)   





(5) Any collective bargaining agreement shall not provide for a term of existence of more than 3 years and shall contain all the terms and conditions of employment of the employees in the bargaining unit during such term except those terms and conditions provided for in applicable merit and civil service rules and regulations.


Why is City Council looking for ways to FUND a contract which is illegal instead of nullifying it and going back to the last LEGAL contract in 2001?

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Comment by Franklin W. on November 1, 2015 at 6:59am

Federal government ways and actions have filtered down from Federal to State to local.

Citizens are being Betrayed by government at every level of government.

Forced growth never works out for the good of citizens.

National Debt Clock


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