Projected Arrival Date of President's Budget Just Gets Later and Later and...NO BUDGET = NO PAY!

Fellow Patriots,
We all know President Obama loves to "tweet", sometimes at times when it would not seem to be a very prudent thing to be doing----like in church! So we should take advantage of his attachment to Twitter to get our messages across to him. From now until the day he finally submits that overdue budget, we should each start the morning off with the following tweet (feel free to cut and paste--it fits perfectly to tweet):
@BarackObama the President's budget is supposed to be FIRST, not late! NO BUDGET-NO PAY! Do Your Job! #tcot #gop #fnc #fcteaparty #teaparty
Best case, he and all his "apparatchiks" see it and respond, or get going on their budget; worst case, they see it and block you, but guess what, every time you tweet it, your followers and others following your hashtags see the tweet and perhaps retweet/quote it and it catches fire and then President Obama and his apparatchiks get to see it over and over again. Have fun and get our point across and all it costs is a few seconds to select, copy, paste and tweet!
So, lets have fun, let's get our message across, bottom-line, LET"S GET TO WORK! (thanks Governor Scott---I like that catchy motto---it reminds me of LET'S ROLL! ;-)

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