Runaway Automobile || Runaway Government

            There is an automobile whose gas pedal is stuck to the floor so the driver can’t slow it down by taking his foot off of the pedal. The brake line has a leak and the harder the driver presses on the brake pedal, the faster the brake fluid leaks out and he can’t stop the vehicle using the method that was designed into the automobile to stop it under normal circumstances. The cable for the emergency brake is rusted through due to lack of attention and pulling the emergency brake doesn’t work the way it was designed into the automobile. The steering assembly has been damaged and the steering wheel is disengaged from the wheels. The automobile is off the road and the driver knows there is a cliff ahead, somewhere.

            The panicked driver might open the door and drag his foot to try and stop the auto before it goes over the cliff. The panicked driver might jump out of the automobile and let it destroy itself and the other screaming passengers in the vehicle. Neither scenario has a happy ending and the automobile and its passengers are destroyed.

            The logical driver would turn the ignition key to off. The vehicle would come to a stop and the damaged vehicle would await repairs to the major control features to restore the vehicle to its original design specifications. In this scenario the damaged vehicle is repaired, the passengers are safe. Though the trip is delayed, it can be continued safely.

            There is a government whose president is inexperienced and is in the driver’s seat of his country and is taking the country toward a cliff. He has the pedal to the metal and ignores the screaming citizens’ pleas to stop the mad rush forward. By design, it is up to the other two branches of the government and the citizens to bring the government to a stop and wait for repairs before the government is destroyed beyond repair.

            It is in the best interest of the United States to slow or, better yet, stop this government's advance in the current direction. Paul Ryan and the House of Representatives have failed our Republic. It is up to the Senate to derail this train before it wrecks our country.

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Comment by John Sauer on December 15, 2013 at 5:22pm

Boehner is a RINO, liberal, progressive (AINO). There are conservative leaders in the Senate such as Cruz who appear to have taken the spotlight from Mitch McConnell and deservedly so. I expect the Senate Republicans will follow them after seeing their popularity soar.

Comment by amanda choate on December 15, 2013 at 2:04pm

The House is controlled by Republicans, the Senate isn't going to stop it.

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