SAVE THE CONFEDERATE FLAG OR LOSE YOUR COUNTRY.  By Derby Ulloa,   6-25-2015                                        

It is an undeniable fact our nation is now functioning under a DOUBLE STANDARD. Whenever a selected minority group feels it has been offended, the majority of Americans are forced to change all the rules to appease and accommodate the minorities. But if the majority is ever offended, we are told to just deal with it because minorities HAVE to be protected. Like it or not still the majority of American is WHITE AND CHRISTIAN. They founded our country and wrote our Declaration of Independence and Constitution based on Judeo-Christian principles (The BIBLE). Unfortunately, Communists have infiltrated most minority groups and institutions and they are always stirring the pot.

Because one lunatic individual who associated himself with a Confederate Flag committed a horrific crime most are now saying this flag is only a symbol of hate, oppression and slavery. By most I mean the liberal main stream media, most black Americans, most Democrats, the pseudo-conservatives and most gutless, treasonous Republicans in Congress.

The above groups talk about the Confederacy as nothing more than pure evil, but fail to remember all the unnecessary atrocities the Union forces committed against the South. Isn’t the Union Flag a symbol of evil too? The above groups talk as though slavery was practiced only by white Southerners against negroes from Africa, but fail to acknowledge that slavery has been practiced all over the world since the dawn of civilization. Black Africans in Africa had slaves, American Indians in North, Central and South America had slaves as well. Should not we erase all Negro and Amerindian culture because they practiced evil, hateful slavery too?

The Confederate Flag now represents a Southern Heritage which is part of our history and culture just like the Union Flag with 34 stars is also a part of our history and culture. Southerners are NOT racists, and if some symbols or images of our culture OFFEND some people, so be it. If the Confederate Flag is to be removed from open display and delegated to some obscure historical museum, I demand that President Obama’s image be removed from every public place throughout the country. Let me explain. When real conservatives see Obama’s face, they are reminded of his agenda to transform (destroy) our great nation. To CONSERVATIVES Obama is ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-POLICE, ANTI-MILITARY, ANTI-CONSTITUTION, ANTI-SCHOOL CHOICE, ANTI-TRUTH, ANTI-TRANSPARENCY, ANTI-CAPITALISM, ANTI-2ND AMENDMENT, ANTI-FREEDOM, ANTI-RIGHT TO LIFE, ANTI-PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, ANTI-FOUNDING FATHERS, ANTI-TEA PARTY, ANTI-WESTERN CULTURE, in other words, OBAMA IS ANTI-AMERICAN. If we as conservatives have to put up with all the hate and evil Obama represents and stands for, then it is not asking too much that the “offended” minorities respect and accept our Southern Heritage. To the  Northern conservatives I say : Beware, Obama will attack your heritage next.

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Comment by amanda choate on June 27, 2015 at 9:03am

The Confederate flag is viewed as a symbol of racism and hate because for the last 150 years groups who are racist and hate mongers have used it as their symbol. And they can continue to do so. There has been nary a protest from those who venerate the flag, and silence is consent. Enough, fly your flag everyday, paint it on the roof of your car, print it on your tee shirts, that is your business. Have fun in doing so. But how many countries allow the flying of the colors for those who rebelled against their country. For nearly a hundred years after the war, no state did, it was only when segregation was enforced states did so again. 

Comment by Franklin W. on June 26, 2015 at 10:09am

Using the same misguided racist "logic" that is being used in this smoke screen Confederate flag attack.  

Could not Black Churches and Black Reverends be seen as symbols of racism and hate given some black churches and some black Reverends long history of racist and hate activity.....

I have lived in the south all of my life (i'm no spring chicken or even a summer or fall chicken) and never have possessed a Confederate flag or any item with a Confederate flag image on it.  But, I resent and reject this smoke screen attack on a flag or a image as a 1st amendment issue and another step further into communism.

Any image or item can be viewed as racist if one sees only with racist glasses.....

I reject Corinne Brown's hypocritical reasoning that the Confederate flag should be removed from the SC State capital grounds simply because the State capital belongs to "everyone".....If it indeed belongs to "everyone" those that want a Confederate flag have the right to have one there.....

As if anyone needed any more proof that america is no longer under the Rule of law but under Mob rule they can now add this issue to the overwhelming evidence of Mob rule in america.....

The United States of America became the Divided States of America and now is The Communist States of America. 

Your new national flag is being designed as we speak.....

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