Shutting down the tiny union. New conseravative news letter or paper

I would like to start a conservative news letter or a small paper like the folio weekly. I am a business owner in the construction industry so  I don't have much knowledge in this area. I would like some advice, ideas, opinions, or any information that anybody can give me that is in this field. I am so sick of all the liberal media out there that I feel it is time someone does something about it. If anyone has any knowledge on starting, running, or operating a paper, or any information, advice or ideas, your help will be greatly appreciated. With everybodys help mabey we can put a dent in the liberal media and educate people in Florida on the constitutional and conservative values of this country. Best case scenerio shut down the tiny union!

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Comment by Tom Platt on May 20, 2011 at 9:52am
Jeff: I have written conservative opinion columns in a suburban newspaper until the owner started getting threats to boycott from liberals and one Muslim supporter.  They did not attempt to refute a single point I made - because they were historically valid - instead they just attacked me and the paper for expressing opinions based on an originalist interpretation of the Constitution.  I can be reached at - or cell 904-449-8522.  Your biggest challenge will be to have someone sell subscriptions to sustain the paper as a viable business.
Comment by Derby Ulloa on May 18, 2011 at 10:40pm

Jeff, I love your idea and would like to help. I volunteer, FREE OF CHARGE, to do political cartooning for your publication. Years ago I did it for The Challenger, it was the State Republican Party official publication for several years. I could illustrate your editorials  or come up with my own ideas.

If interested, just call me any time. My home number is 751-2782

Comment by Joshua Warren on May 18, 2011 at 8:28pm

Jeff, given the butt whupping we were just handed, I think this is an idea whose time has come. There are many reasons we lost this Mayors race, but the lack of a unbiased media certainly contributed to it. And, although I don't know anything about running a newspaper, I'm sure there has to be that knowledge somewhere within the ranks of the Tea Party or other patriot groups. We just need to get the word out.


We still have plenty of time yet. But we need to determine something fairly soon if it's going to be of any help for 2012. I think it's a great idea and thank you for looking into it.

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