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How hypocritical can you be when it comes to the US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, Qatar and Saudi, when they themselves, with the help of the New World Order, started the conflict and fueled  it.

They all talk about the shocking state of affairs in Syria and what that regime is doing to its people, the atrocities and the humanitarian crisis, etc, and even the UNHCR is pleading for donations from ordinary people when the UN themselves are part of the problem.

So let’s just turn back the clock on just how all of the above helped create the current crisis and standoff.

I guess we could start by taking a page out of the German book of humanitarian concern:

In the late 1970′s a German firm ‘Karl Kobe’ sold Iraq the ingredients for its first chemical weapons. Karl Kobe and others sold Iraq over 1,027 tons of the chemicals needed to produce mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, and various tear gasses including CS and CN. The chemical weapons program was operational by late 1983/early 1984. Iraq then bought botulin toxin and mycotoxin from a total of 5 other German firms to begin a germ/biological weapons program.

Ok so with Germany out of the way let’s look at the others.


The Iraq-gate scandal revealed that an Atlanta branch of Italy’s largest bank, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, relying partially on U.S. taxpayer-guaranteed loans, funneled $5 billion to Iraq from 1985 to 1989. These clandestine and illegal loans to Iraq were used to part-fund the purchase of arms and weapons technology, including WMD and CBW technology, etc.


France supplied military equipment (some high tech) with a total value of US$ 5595 m.


Turkey supplied civilian help and the following data was recorded: Turkey’s exports jumped from $200 million in 1981 to $2 billion in 1985, which made up 25% of Turkey’s export. Turkish construction projects in Iraq totaled $2.5 billion between 1974 – 1990.

Iraq’s main financial backers were the oil-rich Persian Gulf states, mainly Saudi Arabia ($30.9 billion), Kuwait ($8.2 billion) and the United Arab Emirates($8 billion).

Now we come to the two biggest hypocrites of all:

USA and UK:

In September 1980, Iraq carried out an unprovoked attack on Iran (Iraq-Iran War) that lasted for a period of over 7 years.

This war was supported by the US, UK and at least 10 countries with the former actually providing military hardware such as weapons, nuclear components that would allow Iraq to have the ability to build their own nuclear bomb and also Chemical and Biological technology which clearly gave Iraq WMD’s and CBW weapons.

The West (in particular the UK) actually paid for and built the CBW Laboratories for Saddam and provided Iraq with Cyanide, Mustard Gas and the deadly VX Gas, which he used against the Kurds and Iran and later used in the Iraqi SCUD Missiles to fire into Israel and Saudi Arabia — and did in actual fact hit US/UK bases with CBW armed Scud Missiles…….compliments of the above……..adds new meaning to what goes around comes around.

It was during this war that President Ronald Reagan said that the US “could not afford to allow Iraq to lose the war to Iran”, and that the United States “would do whatever was necessary to prevent Iraq from losing the war with Iran.”  It was President Reagan who pushed for a policy issuing a National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) to this effect in June, 1982. The Security Council passed Resolution 552 condemning attacks on commercial ships in the region. No doubt this would allow the west to continue its illegal arms. 

In July 1988 Iraqi airplanes dropped chemical cyanide bombs on the Iranian Kurdish village of Zardan (as they had done four months earlier on their own Kurdish village of Halabja). Hundreds were killed at once, and the survivors are still suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders. It has since been proven that the agent used on the Kurds and later on Iran was the deadly VX Gas………compliments of the US and UK.

Prior too and during the Iraq – Iran war many illegal arms shipments were Rum 1made along with some very high profile visits. That notorious villain Donald Rumsfeld was the US special envoy to the Middle East and met with Saddam in December 1983. As we know, he later became the US Defense Secretary during the 2003 Iraqi war when everything suddenly turned 180 degrees and the US wanted Saddam out.

The US and the UK in particular considered Iraq as an ally in stopping the Iranians from spreading their revolution. The US and the UK therefore supported Iraq with technology, intelligence and the sale of illegal arms, WMD´s and Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW), military equipment and satellite support. It was also another powerful man, by the name of Henry Kissinger, who stated “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.” Iraq, in particular, had a complex clandestine procurement network to obtain munitions and critical materials, which, in some transactions, involved 10-12 countries.

Some rather startling news also emerged prior to this war when it was disclosed that the US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, Jr. wrote a secret memo to President Reagan about the previous President Jimmy Carter approving Saddam Hussein’s attack on Iran with assistance from Saudi Arabia. British support for this war was also paramount, especially when the British allowed the Iraqi’s to purchase a British company to bypass the export control. This company was TMG engineering, later to be called Matrix Churchill, which had operations in both the US and UK. The US Company with the same name was also purchased by the Iraqi’s. The Chairman of the group, which consisted of TDG, TMG, and Matrix Churchill was Safa al Habobi. Another member of the board was Fadel Jawad Khadhum. They were described as follows:

The Iraqi members of the boards of directors of companies in the group were in firm control of the companies’ day-to-day activities and sometimes authoritarian in their actions, one statement said.

The British government decided to allow most of Matrix Churchill’s sales to Iraq. As a result, a scandal erupted after the Persian Gulf War about the role of the British government in arming Iraq. Naturally, much more had been going on before this event which never reached the public domain to any degree. Iraq had very strong ties with France at the time.

It also became clear that the US was funding Iraqi chemical and nuclear research programs. It was stated that during the 1980’s Iraq had received around $35 billion in loans from the West and between $30-40 billion from the Persian Gulf states.

It became apparent that President Reagan was certainly not too concerned as to what Weapons of Mass Destruction were being used as the US was more concerned that the Iraqi’s did not lose the war. Even after the Iraqis had used chemical weapons on the Kurds the US continued its support of Iraq.

To recap: The main Western contributors were: US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and in the Middle East were Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Jordan. Basically it all amounted to more than $130 billion debt for Iraq….the largest portion of this money came from the Gulf States. We were soon to find that it was this debt and the fact that Kuwait allowed oil companies to carry out diagonal/slant drilling techniques to take Iraq’s natural resources from under the border that caused Iraq to attack Kuwait!!!

It was a highly sensitive report that eventually was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act that nailed the US for its supply of CBW to Iraq:

The list in Figure 1 is merely one extract from the invoice details supplied to Senator Riegle by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). One item is particularly notable in this list, for it is the strain of anthrax which will be shown to be the exclusive strain of anthrax used in the Iraqi biological weapons program. Before focusing on anthrax, however, consider the range of materials exported to Iraq. The Riegle Report confirms that from 1985: 

“Pathogenic (meaning ‘disease producing’), toxigenic (meaning ‘poisonous’), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application and licensing by the U.S. Department of Commerce….These exported biological materials were not attenuated or weakened and were capable of reproduction. According to the Department of Defence’s own Report to Congress on the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War, released in April 1992: “By the time of the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq had developed biological weapons. It’s advanced and aggressive biological warfare program was the most advanced in the Arab world… The program probably began late in the 1970′s and concentrated on the development of two agents, botulinum toxin and anthrax bacteria… Large-scale production of these agents began in 1989 at four facilities near Baghdad. Delivery means for biological agents ranged from simple aerial bombs and artillery rockets to surface-to-surface missiles.”

It is at this point that we can reveal the effects of these CBW: the Report finds that among the US exports to Iraq were the following and it notes their associated disease symptoms:

Bacillus Anthracis: anthrax is a disease producing bacteria identified by the Department of Defense in the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War: Final Report to Congress, as being a major component in the Iraqi biological warfare program. Anthrax is an often-fatal infectious disease due to ingestion of spores. It begins abruptly with high fever, difficulty in breathing, and chest pain. The disease eventually results in septicaemia (blood poisoning), and the mortality is high. Once septicaemia is advanced, antibiotic therapy may prove useless, probably because the exotoxins remain, despite the death of the bacteria.  

Clostridium Botulinum: a bacterial source of botulinum toxin, which causes vomiting, constipation, thirst, general weakness, headache, fever, dizziness, double vision, dilation of the pupils and paralysis of the muscles involving swallowing. It is often fatal.  

Histoplasma Capsulatum: causes a disease superficially resembling tuberculosis that may cause pneumonia, enlargement of the liver and spleen, anemia, an influenza-like illness and an acute inflammatory skin disease marked by tender red nodules, usually on the shins. Reactivated infection usually involves the lungs, the brain, spinal membranes, heart, peritoneum, and the adrenals.  

Brucella Melitensis: a bacteria which can cause chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, profuse sweating when at rest, pain in joints and muscles, insomnia, nausea, and damage to major organs.  

Clostridium Perfringens: highly toxic bacteria, which cause gas gangrene. The bacteria produce toxins that move along muscle bundles in the body killing cells and producing necrotic tissue that is then favorable for further growth of the bacteria itself. Eventually, these toxins and bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause a systemic illness. 

Figure 1 provides details of a single shipment sent on 2 May 1986. Note the emboldened entry for Bacillus anthracis (ATCC 14578), which the Iraq Survey Group has since determined was the exclusive strain of anthrax used in the Iraqi biological weapons program. This, then, is the source of the anthrax threat which was repeatedly promoted both inside Parliament and through the news media to the British people, prior to the decision being made for Britain to take part in the invasion of Iraq.    

Because Iraq was removed from antiterrorism controls and because controls on missile technology and chemical and biological warfare were not in place until the late 1980s, few foreign policy controls were placed on exports to Iraq during the 1980s. This, along with the lack of national security controls, resulted in a long list of high technology items being sold to Iraq during the 1980s.

Below is a list (Figure 1) of one such consignment sent from the US to Iraq. I would also like to point out that the UK also participated in such exports, which I will cover later.

Bacillus Anthracis Cohn (ATCC 10)
Batch # 08-20-82 (2 each)
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus Subtitles (Ehrenberg) Con (ATCC 82)
Batch # 06-20-84 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 3502)
Batch# 07-07-81 (3 each)
Class III Pathogen

Clostridium perfringens (Weillon and Zuber)

Hauduroy, et al (ATCC 3624)
Batch# 10-85SV (2 each)

Bacillus subtilis (ATCC 6051)
Batch# 12-06-84 (2 each)

Francisella tularensis var. tularensis Olsufiev

(ATCC 6223)
Batch# 05-14-79 (2 each)
Avirulent; suitable for preparations of  diagnostic antigens.

Clostridium tetani (ATCC 9441)
Batch 03-94 (3 each)
Highly toxigenic.

 Clostridium botulinum Type E (ATCC

9564) Batch# 03-02-79 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Clostridium tetani (ATCC 10779)
Batch# 04-24-84S (3 each)

Clostridium perfringens (ATCC 12916)
Batch# 08-14-80 (2 each)
Agglutinating Type 2.

Clostridium perfringens (ATCC 13124)
Batch# 08-14-80 (3 each)
Type A, alpha-toxigenic, produces  lecithinase C.J. Appl,

Bacillus Anthracis (ATCC 14185)

Batch# 01-14-80 (3 each) G.G. Wright (Fort Detrick) V770-NPI-R.

Bovine anthrax, Class III pathogen

Bacillus Anthracis (ATCC 14578)
Batch# 01-06-78 (2 each)
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 14581)
Batch# 04-18-85 (2 each)

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 14945)
Batch# 06-21-81 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type E (ATCC 17855)
Batch# 06-21-71
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 19213)
Batch# 3-84 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 19397)
Batch# 08-18-81 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella abortus Biotype 3 (ATCC 23450)
Batch# 08-02-84 (3 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella abortus Biotype 9 (ATCC 23455)
Batch# 02-05-68 (3 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella melitensis Biotype I (ATCC 23456)
Batch# 03-08-78 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella melitensis Biotype 3 (ATCC 23458)
Batch# 01-29-68 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 25763)
Batch# 8-83 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Clostridium botulinum Type F (ATCC 35415)
Batch# 02-02-84 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

The United States secretly supported Iraq in its eight-year war with Iran, and then in February 1982 the US Administration removed Iraq from its list of ‘terrorist states’ in order to do so. Furthermore, there is the astonishing fact that, among the various agencies of the Government of Iraq listed in the Riegle Report, one repeated recipient of these deadly materials was no less than the Iraqi nuclear weapons research facility, the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission. One could ask the US how could the conclusion possibly be reached that between 1985 and 1989 anthrax and other warfare-related biological materials were exported from the US to Iraq for “legitimate research purposes”?  

I will not continue listing all the other incidents in relation to illegal arms, WMD and CBW weapons to the Middle East as I feel there is enough evidence here to prove how hypocritical the nations currently intimidating Syria have been in the past, and how they continue to act so to this day. This does not include the current western financial support, illegal arms transfers and the training of Rebel Forces and Hired Militia!!!!

In a nutshell we have to ask the question:

Did Saddam ever have WMD/CBW’s? The answer is ‘Yes’ — compliments of the West!!

Did Saddam have nukes?. Not in the real sense, but again the British did illegally purchase three tactical nuclear weapons from South Africa which had secretly developed 10 highly transportable nuclear bombs with Israel, one of which was test fired off Prince Edward Island.

It was the “iron lady” herself, Maggie Thatcher, who sent a small team down to South Africa (Sir Ken Warren, David Cameron (current PM) and Dr. David Kelly (that’s why he was assassinated) to illegally purchase three of those nukes using tax payers’ money.

The tax payers’ money went into an illegal private sector slush fund to purchase the nukes and much money went astray into various Ministers pockets, including £17.8 m into the Tory Party Election fund.

The Jewish arms dealer, John Bredenkamp, who sold the weapons to Thatcher (who threatened to drop them on Saddam,) then shipped them without security to Oman where he managed to steal them back, knowing the US and UK Governments could not do anything about it as South Africa was under UN sanctions etc. — and that is why Britain went to war.

I might add that dear Maggie also arranged for the CBW programme and staff to be moved from Rhodesia down to South Africa in order to stop the blacks taking control of them prior to take over of what is now known as Zimbawe!! What happened there and in South Africa is so horrific I cannot even mention it in this story! Suffice to say they invented a “Black- only Gene Bomb”, which fortunately was never used.

I think by now you are starting to understand what these “Geo-Political War” and “Forced Regime Changes” are all about, and so let’s come back to the current stand-off situation with Syria and what really happened there.

One thing for sure Assad did not start this war and certainly did not use CBW on his own people! Here are some snippets to show just who is doing what:

Thank God the UK government decided against joining the US in a strike on Syria. Now maybe the US is on its own, and if that is the case then maybe they would not dare crossing the red line lol!!!! Evidence shows that the Qatar Government wanted a British company to move CBW into Syria and use their Ukrainian staff to do the job. Not to mention the fact Washington supported this attempt that has now led to yet another false flag. Then we had the Head of Qatar Intelligence assassinated in Somalia, trying to recruit Yemeni militia to send to Qatar where they would be trained by US Special Forces before being sent to Syria. Then we had another Qatar Intelligence boss caught in Egypt with a fist full of money — “I wonder what he was up too….want to hazard a guess?” Now we can see the truth and who is behind what. This is nothing more and nothing less than yet another Libya-style regime change effort, only this time it’s not a walk-in-the-park, because Syria has many powerful allies!! — and who is in the middle of all this misinformation — the Zionist New World Order and Israel — it is time to carry out an embargo and sanctions on Israel — only then are we likely to achieve peace in the Middle East — and at the same time bring back all western troops on Islamic soils — that will surely be the day!!!!!

Think about this folks — a conservative figure for deaths from conflicts and wars since the Balkans War (NATO WAR) up to the current time amounts to around 5 million and it does not stop there.

The weapons they have and continue to use are spreading their radioactive nano particles around the globe from the continual use of depleted uranium and tactical nuclear weapons in all areas of conflict and thus increasing many types of cancers, birth defects, diabetes and severe mental disorders.

If you do not believe this then take a look at my own upper wind chart showing how it moves around on a given day and also how it then gets rained/snowed out to come down to mother earth and contaminate the soil, crops, water and we humans etc…

The first chart shows the airflows, the second shows how bad weather (monsoons, hurricanes, etc.) come down to earth—and where, and finally the evidence of DU contamination arrived in the Greater London Area some nine days after the “Shock and Awe” attack on Baghdad.

Flow chartMonsoon flowContamination

And finally we have the most horrendous results of all of the above when unborn babies, children and teenagers become the ultimate victims along with millions of innocent civilians around the globe. 

I must apologize for these horrific pictures (these are the good shots; I have many more that you would not want to see) but how else can one get the message across to the sheeples?

DU Children

How can any of you believe the current New World Order propaganda about punishing Syria when they themselves have carried out such attacks on a continuous basis since 1995 — and continue to use WMD/CBW during their current wars ie:

Vietnam War – 1st Nov 1955 – 30th April 1975 US, Australia, New Zealand v North Vietnam

Yom Kippur War – October 6–25, 1973 Israel v Egypt and Syria

Yemen Conflict  – 1979 – Current time US, Saudi Arabia v Various Yemen Militia Groups

Operation Opera – 7th June 1981 – Israeli Air Force attacked nuclear facility in Iraq (Osirak)

Gulf Wars – 17th Jan 1991 – 15 Dec 2011 US, UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Turkey v Iraq

Somalia Conflict – 1992 – to current time US, UK,  Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Saud Arabia, Spain  v Somali National Alliace and various, Somali Militia

Balkans War – 30 August 1995 –  11th June 1999 US, UK, NATO member states  v Republika Srpska, Republic of Serbian Krajina, AP Western Bosnia, FR Yugoslavia

Afghanistan War – 7th October 2001 – Current time US, UK & NATO member states, Australia v Taliban, Al Qaeda  and various Militia

North Pakistan -  March 16 2004 – Current time US v Taliban, Al Qaeda and various Militia

Lebanon War/Conflict  – 2006 –  on going Israel v Militia

Syrian Crisis – 2006 – on going Israel v Syria ( Airstrikes against Syrian targets)

Gaza – 2008/9 – Israel v Hamas

Sudan – January & February  2009 – Air Strike by the Israeli Air force on Sudan and the Port of Sudan

Libya War – 19 March – 31 October 2011 – US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Sweden, Greece  v  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Pro Gadaffi, Militia.


Hopefully soon I will join up with Neil and start to take the cabal apart whilst at the same time filing a massive class action with the following title: 

International War Crimes Submission

Crimes against Humanity, the Environment and all living Species

This submission has taken many years to compile and is almost complete.

This has not been a pleasant task to complete, but none the less is essential, and as Jean said to me “People need closure.”

I guess one should also open up new inquires into the many “False Flags”  ie 9/11 and 7/7 etc and bring the cabal responsible to trial — that would truly be wonderful.

So there you have it folks, I hope that you are all convinced and will continue to support Neil and team to do their job and keep up the pressure on our respective governments.

I received an urgent call from the Voice of Russia to give my opinion of the Syrian crisis. It has not translated too well, but I am sure you understand it,
Here’s the link:

West doesn’t care if WWIII comes: they will make money of it – Pete...

This statement by George Galloway in the Houses of Parliament sums it all up:

Bless you all!

Peter Eyre–Middle East Consultant-Political Analysis-Broadcaster-Investigative Journalist

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