The notion of Compromise came up in the 8/11 Presidential debate on FOX NEWS this evening.

            The Progressives have successfully convoluted so much of our English language I feel a need to start by going back to the dictionary to reread the definition of COMPROMISE:

Main Entry: 1com·pro·mise
Pronunciation: käm-pr - m z
Function: noun
1 : a settlement of a dispute by each party giving up some demands
2 : a giving up to something that is wrong or degrading : SURRENDER <a compromise of one's principles>
3 : the thing agreed upon as a result of a compromise

            The parties involved in the debt limit compromise are Democrats, Republicans and conservatives.

            As I see it, a compromise leads to a successful end when the parties involved have the same goal but chose different paths to achieve that goal. The result is satisfactory to all involved.

            A compromise involving parties that have different goals is illogical and results in a confused and unsatisfactory end to all parties.

            The Democrats’ goal is to grow government and to continue toward this goal they need the debt ceiling lifted. The Republicans goal is to get along with the Democrats and placate the upstart conservatives among the Republicans by reducing government spending. The conservatives’ goal is to reduce spending, shrink government and lower the debt ceiling.

            The “compromise” here is to raise the debt ceiling, reduce future government spending increases and no reduction in government programs.

The Democrats pulled the Republicans by the nose ring, further left. There aren’t enough conservatives in Congress to overcome the “old guard” and RINO Republicans.

Compromise has no logical application in this disagreement. This was a political war of differing ideologies that needed to be fought to the end. It may have resulted in a political standoff until the 2012 elections are finalized, but the ultimate end would have been clearly defined. In the meantime, BO would have to revert to Dictator and raise the debt ceiling by Executive Order which would have moved him further along the gangplank.

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