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I’m not just against the Dream Act. I am adamantly opposed to the Dream Act. This is the first step to a total back-door amnesty that Democrats want oh so bad. When Harry Reid is the major sponsor of a bill, that automatically should send up red flags. But, frustratingly enough, there are weak-kneed Republicans who are also for back-door amnesty. Senator Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina, or Lyndsey Gramnesty as Rush Limbaugh likes to call him, has been very soft on immigration. Olympia Snow, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins are some others who almost seem indifferent.

What does the Dream Act do, or what will it do? In a nutshell, the Dream Act would give children of illegal immigrants an opportunity to earn their citizenship by working toward a college degree or military service. “Oh that doesn’t sound so bad, why are you against this so much?” Take a step back from that tingly, we’re all Americans talk, and look at this through the lenses of logic. What kind of precedent would be set if this law were to pass? “Alright! Everyone listen up! Bring your children to America because they can’t be deported. Plus, they will be allowed to become citizens through in-state tuition brakes at our universities or join the military for a country that they aren’t even legal citizens for!” And you actually think we’d deport these children’s parents? Could you imagine the outcry from the left? “You can’t deport these kids’ parents! Why, they’d have nobody to take care of them!” Are you following me yet? This is nothing more than back-door amnesty at its finest. If you allow illegal children to live in this country, then you must allow their illegal parents to do the same, and the snowball continues.

CNN conducted a poll this past April, and it asked, “Should a path for citizenship be made easier for illegal immigrants?” 66% of Americans said no, while 33% of Americans said yes. The Dream Act is not something that Americans want, and it should be noted that the Dream Act has already been voted on once, and it failed. Now, the Democrats are entering their lame duck session. The American voters told the Democrats that it is time for them to get out of Washington. So, the Democrats are responding in kind by trying to pass something the actual citizens of this country do not want. Anybody remember the health care debate and vote? Democrats will not have to worry about being held accountable for their vote on this however.

Lastly, we’ve been down this path before. The Dream Act will do absolutely nothing to solve our illegal immigration problem. We tried a full blown amnesty bill in the mid 80s which did nothing but open the floodgates. Even since that disastrous proposal, we have done next to nothing to close our borders. The massive inflow of illegal immigration has pushed down wages, decreased quality of life in border states, increased crime (obviously since illegal immigration is a crime), and cost taxpayers billions. And now we want to grant amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants? Like hell we do.

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Comment by Roma and Tom on November 20, 2010 at 4:48am
If the Dream Act Passes:

Once an illegal alien qualifies for the DREAM Act and receives conditional permanent residency, they can then sponsor their parents, sibilings, and any other family members who happen to be living in the United State illegally.

Another tidbit DREAM Act supporters won't tell you is that an illegal alien can have up to two misdemeanor convictions and still qualify for amnesty under the bill. So while you read about valedictorians and class presidents and captains of the debate team, you won't hear about the individuals who have been convicted twice for vandalism or petty theft or simple assault or reckless driving.

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