Why the Tea Party Movement Needs the National Precinct Alliance

(I'm a member of NPA. It's worth the time to read and understand.)


Why NPA is the only organization that provides the missing strategy that will ultimately unite all freedom loving Americans, whether they are involved in the tea party movement or not, into a force that not only our federal government will be able to ignore, but our respective state and local governments as well:

Why do I need to be a member of The National Precinct Alliance when I can do the same thing as a member of the Republican or Democrat Party?

Many tea party group members are already registered Republicans or Democrats as voters, but that’s a far cry from actually being a “member” of the party organization. Even if they are involved with the party organization at some level, they may or may not fully understand the workings of the political party organizations. Most don’t even know what their respective party platforms contain. Just because you are registered as a voter with a specific party preference doesn’t make you knowledgeable about how the party organizations work and, most importantly, why you may be frustrated with them. I’ve sat on the Republican county committee in my county for over a year now and I can tell you that I’m very frustrated. That’s how the power brokers in the political party organizations want it to be. They only trust those who will toe-the-party-line and it’s then they will let individuals know everything about how the party works – piecemeal.

Most tea party folks don’t even know that each party organization consists of a county committee at the local level and that these committees consist of precinct captains, precinct chairs, or precinct executives. The title is dependent upon your respective state party organization, but all mean and do the same thing. Can anyone tell me what the responsibilities of a precinct captain, my state’s title, may entail? I didn’t even know until a year after I joined my county committee and that’s only because I joined NPA. My county chair can’t even tell me.

When I joined my Republican county committee, I just showed up at the regular monthly scheduled meeting, signed my name on a piece of paper, and was automatically designated precinct captain. They were just glad to see a new face. We spent the next hour griping about the state of affairs in our nation and state, but there were no projects presented or information regarding responsibilities of precinct captains. Then I was invited to the district convention - again no information on what my responsibilities were as a precinct captain. Then I was next asked to serve as an alternate delegate at the state convention and was totally lost on the new rules that the Rules Committee was proposing for a vote because I hadn’t received the proposed rule changes beforehand. Frustrated is an understatement. I’ve been more successful forming my county tea party group and then getting other county tea party or patriot groups to join under a joint tea party banner then I have been in organizing my precinct to effectively improve the Republican Party at the county, district or state levels.

In the state of Arkansas, the Democrat County Committees are closed to the public. In other words, the powers within the state Democrat party organization hand appoint precinct captains. That’s because the Democrat Party has had a stranglehold on the state of Arkansas since the end of the Civil War. No, this isn’t unconstitutional, it’s the party rules. The US Constitution has nothing to do with party rules because the writer’s of the Constitution abhorred political party factions, even though most of them were forming these factions as the Constitution was being written, behind closed doors. So, in the state of Arkansas, good luck becoming a precinct captain on a Democrat county committee. You might wish to check if the state Democrat party organization is the same way in your state. This will make it easier to recruit conservative Democrats – is that a misnomer? – and Independents to help you clean up the Republican Party first.

You will not discover this information unless you are plugged into the NPA network. If you are registered to vote as either a Republican or a Democrat, you must throw all assumptions out the window that you are going to be warmly accepted when you show up at your county committee meeting and think you’re going to get them cleaned up right off the bat. There is a method to this madness that you will discover only if you are a member of NPA.

Why do I need to join another organization to learn how to become politically active? Isn’t belonging to my local tea party group enough?

If you are involved with a tea party group and serve on the “committee”, you may have already found out that tea party people are novices when it comes to organizing anything other than the next tea party rally. Unless you are skilled at both organization and know all the ends and outs of political party organizations, you won’t make a dent in changing anything at the local, state or federal government levels. Even then, you’ll be challenged greatly. In case you haven’t noticed, the tea party movement is full of overly inflated egos – not the salvaging of our country. Especially, when tea partiers are proud of touting, “We don’t need no stinking national leader!”

But the main reason why it’s not enough just to belong to your local tea party group is the plain fact that tea party groups have no political power – zip, zero, nada. This is the main reason why Washington, DC and probably your state government officials as well, don’t listen. Tea party groups are not registered with the secretary of state’s office as a registered political party, so they can’t just nominate and then run a slate of candidates in a general election for every office on the ballot. If you are not a registered political party, that leaves getting on the ballot as an Independent by getting signatures on a petition or running a write-in candidate campaign. Good luck on both. If you can’t get tea party people to agree on a leader, how do you get them to agree on a candidate they should run as a write-in? We can’t even get tea party leaders of the main tea party groups in the state of Arkansas to work together on a consistent basis! Then you got to have more than just tea party voters to elect your candidate, no matter what the latest Rassmusen poll says.

Bottom line: If you’re not involved in one of the political parties, you’re not politically involved. If you’re not politically involved, you are ineffective in making the changes necessary to salvage the American way of life. All the tea party meetings are good for is griping and moaning or hosting a candidate forum. Ask yourself this question, “With no political clout, how is my tea party group going to hold a candidate’s feet to the fire should they get elected if they owe their allegiance to one of the political parties?” You’ll just have to plan more tea party rallies after the 2010 election – that is if we’re still free to do so. But, really, how effective have the tea party rallies been? Congress is still passing socialist legislation and they will continue to do so after the election unless tea party and patriot folks get in as precinct captains on their local county committees.

Precinct captains, whatever they are called in your state, vote on who the national committee chair will be for both political parties. Precinct captains are the first that candidates call on for their get-out-the-vote campaigns. Precinct captains can qualify as delegates to county, district, state and national conventions and cast their votes to nominate the next presidential candidate for the political party. Precinct captains can cast votes for their congressional district coordinators and state chair in both political parties. Precinct captains can get on the Rules Committee of either party and change the rules of how the party will operate. Now, do you understand why you must become involved with one of the political parties? So, how are you going to get politically active with one of the political parties and really get something done? That’s why you should be a member of NPA.

Why do I have to join The National Precinct Alliance to get their training when I can get the same training from American Majority or just go online and find it for myself?

American Majority will teach you to be a community or political activist, but not how to operate within the political parties. They’ve got great ideas and training materials if all you want to do is form a tea party group or know how to drive your senators and representatives crazy with letter writing, emailing and phone calls. We’ve tried this for over a year now. With no cohesiveness to the tea party movement, elected officials will continue to shred your letters and emails, tell you what they think you want to hear, and then go vote the party line. Can I get a Bart Stupak on this one?

NPA has partnered with Voices of America to provide the training on how to coordinate your precinct once you have become a precinct captain on your local county committee. Voices of America provide training seminars and the tools you need to be effective in your respective precinct and county. Taking your chances with just any training that can be Googled up on the subject is very risky what with all the crackpots out there today. Then there are those who would like to know just what you’re up to and hijack your efforts. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just battle-scarred from fighting these types off. We don’t have the time to waste, folks. We need the intelligence, the strategy and a well coordinated plan.

Only NPA has the knowledge of how the political parties operate in your respective states and at the national level. Only NPA has the strategy to teach you how to make the necessary changes within the political parties to clean out the current power brokers/socialists, move our government back to right of center, and thus begin the arduous task of slashing our government back within the enumerated powers originally established by the US Constitution. Once we are all armed with the intelligence, the strategy and a coordinated plan, it’s just a matter of execution through the precinct captain network in your county, state and in the nation – simultaneously. Separately, the political parties can figure out our strategy and block it. They have and they will – trust me on this point. That’s why it’s vital for NPA members to be networked precinct-to-precinct, county-to-county and state-to-state.

Why are you pushing the Republican Party? I’m a registered Democrat or I’m an Independent.

So, you’re an Independent and vote for the candidate regardless of political party affiliation, huh? Proud of it, too, I bet. Voted for that change, did ya? You probably haven’t noticed that in the past fifty years or so, the Republican and Democrat parties seem to offer up the same type of candidates over and over again – straight party-line voters - and nothing ever changes. They just keep digging our country deeper and deeper into debt, shredding more and more of our unalienable rights, and taking more and more of our hard-earned money until there’s nothing left, but the change. How’s that slavery working out for you? Didn’t notice the ball and chain? So, are you Independent now? Go read the Republican Party platform and the Democrat Party platform and then decide which side of the fence you will come down on, but please, for Pete’s sake, come down off that fence! Sitting on the fence will not restore our republican form of government guaranteed to us in the US Constitution.

So, your mama and daddy voted Democrat and their mama and daddy before them? How’s that working out for you? What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the same result. In this case, it would be generations doing the same thing over and over again until the generation after you is worse off than your generation. Why that’s just plan un-American in my book! Americans have worked hard so that the next generation would have it better and have more opportunities to be who they wanted to be. Looks like now Obama is going to be telling you what you will be and how much money you can make. What was it that Obama said the other day?

“When’s enough, enough? At some point you’ll be making too much money.”

It’s not about money, folks, it’s about the federal government having the power to control every aspect of our lives.

Living in the South, I’ve heard it all. However, my favorite excuse is, “I won’t join the party of Abraham Lincoln.” I wasn’t really good at math in school, but I’ve gotten a lot better at addition and subtraction since I’ve had to balance a checkbook the past thirty-five years. By my calculations Abraham Lincoln’s been dead for 145 years.

I’m not asking you to rehash ancient history or proclaim to me how many of your ancestors fought for the Confederacy and that they would turn over in their graves. I’m asking you to help fight for our country in the only peaceful means available to us at this moment in our nation’s history. The South lost the last civil war, but as an eighth generation Southerner, I’m not going to be on the loosing side this time.

Not as republicans or democrats, but as Americans, let’s restore “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” for all who hold to the principles upon which this nation was founded. In this war, I will join with my Northern, Eastern and Western brothers and sisters who are freedom lovers and who are willing to fight for LIBERTY until their last dying breath, so that the next generation and the generations to come may be free as well.

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