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Comment by Roma and Tom on January 19, 2012 at 6:56am

It is all intended to move us to a "Global Governance" as openly stated by the U.N., Agenda 21, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, The Federal Reserve, the WTO, ext. We have lost most of our farms, industry and small businesses making us increasingly dependent for food and energy on Foreign Countries who describe themselves as our enemy. We are becoming increasingly dependent on the enemy for our very existence .   That amounts to reducing you and I as slaves  to countries like China, the United Nations and the Middle East.

  Unfortunately we have witnessed a Republican Congress (many even Tea Party elected- Rubio being one)  that not only refuses to stand up against this stuff, but also vote for more power to the president, raising the debt ceiling, detaining of American Citizens without due process of law, ext...  all of which is totally opposite of what they promised in their campaign speeches and what we elected them to do.

That is why we must pick our candidates more carefully than we have in the past.  It is not enough to have the Republican label or give pretty speeches anymore.  The liberals (Progressives) have infiltrated and indoctrinated the Republican Party, and are transforming not only the party, but our Country along with it.  The test for any candidate should be our Mission Statement (the Constitution being a big part of that statement).  That is why I and many others  joined in the first place.

Many of us have presented documented information that some of the current GOP candidates are anti-constitutional advocates   of  big government.  We also exposed Rubio before he was elected, and it was ignored.  If the documentation is again ignored, what will you tell your children and grandchildren when they are reduced to nothing more that slaves to the enemy?

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