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Responses from City Council Members re: 2012-296

Of all the e-mails I've sent to the City Council members these 3 have responded that they are opposed to 2012-296: Ray Holt, Matt Schellenberg, and Jim Love.

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Senator Rubio's Thoughts on the LOST Treaty

  Although this isn't an urgent issue today, it will come up again.

Dear Ms. DeSilver,

  Thank you for taking the time to contact me to express your opinions regarding the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).  I'm grateful for your thoughts and for the opportunity to…


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Senator Nelson's views on the LOST Treaty

In case anyone doesn't know Senator Nelson's views, here's some propaganda he sent me regarding the LOST Treaty:

  Dear Ms. DeSilver:  Thank you for contacting me regarding the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.  I appreciate your concerns about this treaty's impact on the sovereignty of the United States.    I believe our membership in the United Nations serves an important strategic purpose in advancing U.S. policies and interests.  The Convention on the Law of the Sea…


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Lunch Bunch Observed National Day of Prayer

5-3-12  Even before we were founded as a nation the Continental Congress issued a proclamation in 1775 recommending that a "day of public humiliation, fasting, and prayer" be observed.  Our early Presidents continued observing an annual "day of prayer", asking for citizens of all faiths to pray that our country be protected from all the dangers which would threaten it.  In 1952 Harry Truman signed a bill proclaiming that the National Day of Prayer would be declared by each President on a…


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Election 2012 Group 4-27-12

  4-27-12  This week was the 4th meeting of the Election 2012 Group.  Again 15 people met, but a different 15 as some were absent and some were new.  The format of breaking into 3 groups was maintained with each group giving a summary at the end of the meeting, and the length of the meeting has been held to 1 hour.  The groups have identified goals, prioritized actions, and are beginning to work on implementation.  But they could use many more members to attend with their thoughts, ideas,…


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Election 2012 Group Meeting 4-20-12

4-20-12   With 14 members in attendance we briefly reviewed our purpose (winning in 2012!), then we seperated into 3 subgroups focussing on these key areas: 1) voter registration/GOTV/Political Gravity; 2) poll watchers/poll workers; 3) voter fraud/True the Vote.  After identifying and prioritizing tasks for these areas the subgroups came together to share their "plan of attack" and to allow the group as a whole to give imput.  The subgroups have various things to think about and do this…


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4-19-12 Lunch Bunch

4-19-12  Today's "lunch bunch" began with Andy describing his experience of setting up a table to register voters at the Ramona Flea Market this past Saturday.  Don't worry, he knows "the Rules" about not mentioning candidates or promoting "a particular Party"!  He found that interested and "like-minded" people were friendly and the others just stayed away.  Of interest is that several people mentioned to him that they had already sent in a registration to register Republican but have not…


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Where, oh where can our members be; Where oh where can they be?

4-17-12  There is a section on this website where all the groups are listed along with the number of members in each group.  For this group the number is 35.  It was disheartening tonight to have a new member come to the meeting and find only 4 other people in attendance!  He stayed but will he be back?  Will he bring along a friend or neighbor?  Why were there so few people?  Are people bored with the meetings?

  The meetings are not for the purpose of entertainment!  The group…


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Election 2012 Group Meeting

4-13-2012   The group tonight consisted of 14 members, some new to this group and a few absentees.  The group determined the overall vision of the group to be "The Election 2012 Team will seek to increase voter registration and ensure the integrity of the voting process for the 2012 election", and the Mission Statement to be "The Election 2012 Team will focus it's energy on the following key areas: GOTV/voter registration, poll watching, and voter fraud".   At next week's meeting we will…


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National Debt Clock


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RYAN NICHOLS - Hardened Criminal?? Seriously??

If you're not already aware. This is what's going on in DC while dangerous criminals are allowed back out on the streets.  It's horrifying that this is happening to our citizens and veterans for protesting the hijacking of our election process. This is still happening! They are STILL being tortured and treated like full on terrorists. 

You may not be aware of the typical things they're forced to go through...…


Posted by Babs Jordan on August 14, 2022 at 8:44am

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