9/28/21 School Board Meeting - Emergency Rule 64DER21-15

Tomorrow morning, September 28th, 2021 @ 10AM, the Duval County School Board will be holding an emergency special meeting to discuss the recent new rule from the  Florida Dept. of Health; Emergency Rule 64DER21-15, which empowers families to decide which protocols to implement if their healthy child has had exposure to COVID-19. This meeting will also discuss DCPS response to the September 23rd letter from Commissioner Corcoran regarding the updated 'Protocols for controlling COVID-19 in School Setting's'. This special meeting is an effort by the Duval County School Board to continue a push for permanent masking in spite of The Florida Department of Health's new rule [Click here for DOH  Rule 64DER21-15]

!! City-Wide Call to Action !!

Moms, Grandmothers & friends, WE need you! Please show up tomorrowSeptember 28th by 9AM to the DCPS Administration Building. Let’s fill that auditorium and let them know we will not be intimidated! Republican Women stand with Governor DeSantis and Florida's Parents' Bill of Rights.


Click here to view the News Release 'Governor Ron DeSantis Announces New Department of Health Rule to Protect Healthy Students from Forced Quarantining'

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Comment by Vicky King on September 27, 2021 at 2:32pm

I find it deplorable that school board meetings are held during morning hours on weekdays, while many parents are working. They do this so the vast majority can't attend and regulate the board's activities, along with what they spend the public's taxes on. Meetings should be held in the evenings, for resident's convenience, not their own. Members are not elected/hired to rule over citizens and their children, but to serve them. They are nothing more than public servants, there to oversee the operations of schools at the pleasure of parents.  Yet they too often behave like bully barons, who serve every interest but those of parents! It's well past time for that to change. 

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