Red Light Camera Alert- Oppose HB 7005 as amended

This bill will be heard tomorrow- Friday 4/11/14 in the House Economic Affairs Committee.

This bill started out good but took a turn for the worse after the last committee amended it. While there are some good things in it such as the kangaroo court costs being reduced from $250 to $100, the really bad thing is it takes away the opportunity for a ticket to be heard in county traffic court by removing the ticketing option. The telling item is that this bill as amended was supported by government lobbyists.

This means every camera scheme ticket will go to kangaroo court, and if you are not aware how that works, then simply stated the cases are heard by people hired by the ones that stand to make money, and they cannot use formal rules of evidence to safeguard our rights.

Note that by being incorporated in a much larger bill, the chances of it being stopped decrease. This is how our current government works and how we got things such as the national ID card.


Due to the limited time, please call the following members and tell them to vote NO on this bill as amended,

House Economic Affairs Committee:
Patronis, Jimmy [R] 850-717-5006

Goodson, Tom [R] 850-717-5050

Williams, Alan B. [D] 850-717-5008

Broxson, Doug [R] 850-717-5003

Clelland, Michael Philip "Mike" [D] 850-717-5029

Cummings, W. Travis [R] 850-717-5018

Danish, Mark [D] 850-717-5063

Davis, Daniel [R] 850-717-5015

Fullwood, Reggie [D] 850-717-5013

Gibbons, Joseph A. "Joe" [D] 850- 717-5100

Hooper, Ed [R] 850-717-5067

Oliva, Jose R. [R] 850-717-5110

Perry, W. Keith [R] 850-717-5021

Pritchett, Sharon [D] 850-717-5102

Raschein, Holly Merrill [R] 850-717-5120

Ray, Lake [R] 850-717-5012

Smith, Jimmie T. [R] 850-717-5034

Trujillo, Carlos [R] 850-717-5105

Information from:

 Liberty First Network

Link to the original Action Item on this bill.

I sincerely apologize for the short notice however as these bills are moving quickly through the committee's we have a limited window in which to respond.

Thank you so much for your understanding and action

God Bless You and God Bless Our America


I want to let you know that when I receive an update on legislative actions taken on our Action Items I will place the update in the comment field on the original message. Look for the updates under the DISCUSSION tab and the sub-tab BLOGS

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Comment by Leanne King on April 11, 2014 at 7:35pm

Update on todays vote:

avorable with CS by Economic Affairs Committee Friday, April 11, 2014 12:00 PM Economic Affairs Committee

Bill Number: PCS for CS/HB 7005
Bill Name: Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Action: Favorable With Amendments
Committee: Economic Affairs Committee
Location: Reed Hall (102 HOB)
Duration: 4.00
Date: 4/11/2014 8:00:00 AM
Subject: Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Y  Broxson Y  Davis Y  Hooper Y  Pritchett Y  Smith
Y  Clelland Y  Fullwood Y  Oliva Y  Raschein Y  Trujillo
Y  Cummings Y  Gibbons Y  Patronis Y  Ray Y  Williams, A.
-  Danish Y  Goodson Y  Perry
Total Yeas: 17     Total Nays: 0     Total Missed: 1     Total Votes: 18
Comment by Leanne King on April 11, 2014 at 10:39am

You are very welcome!! And thank you so much for taking the time..............

Comment by Robert on April 11, 2014 at 9:48am

Thanks for the update. But this is what happens when the people allowed Red Light cameras in the first place while many cities are repealing.

Comment by Roy Anderson on April 11, 2014 at 9:13am

Thank you 

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