"After Nixon and Kissinger opened up China, Congress and every President since have been making it difficult for American manufacturing to compete with Chinese slave labor. Yes, Democrats and Republicans alike, including Reagan, have passed laws and regulations to FORCE American businesses to move abroad. They have been beholden to the multi-national and globalist corporations which funded their campaigns and have been pulling their strings for over 50 years.

Please stop blaming Trump for anything. He has never been a member of Congress or President. Cruz and Rubio have been in Congress for almost 6 years and have not done anything to change these laws and regulations. Any one with one ounce of brain should know business people ALWAYS CONTRIBUTE TO BOTH PARTIES. If Trump donated to Hillary , he also donated to Bush and Cruz and Rubio and Romney, etc. etc.

If Trump is so evil, Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Romney should not have taken Trump's money. I believe the term is WHORE for one who takes money for favors. And please do not forget it was conservative Reagan who signed the Amnesty Bill in 1986. Deporting law breakers (illegal aliens) would still be a non-issue if Trump had not brought it up.

TRUMP will be the next President. Cruz can be VP or Attorney General, and Rubio is nothing more than an ANCHOR BABY and a traitor to the Tea Party supporters who got him elected. Rubio is Bush 3.0. Bush, McCain and Romney GAVE US OBAMA, Trump did not.

TRUMP is the best candidate to defeat the Republican establishment. .Just think before you vilify Trump."
Derby Ulloa

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Comment by Franklin W. on March 8, 2016 at 10:29am

You are correct...It's an orchestrated witch hunt against Trump. It has gone far beyond simply voicing an opinion or a candidate using negative campaigning against trump.

ALL Washington, both parties, government bureaucrats, propaganda press, and lobbyist are afraid of what a fearless outsider would expose.

If I had any respect for the Republican party (local, State or National) and RNC left I would surely lose it now. The manipulation of setting weenie Romney up as their scapegoat for losing another National election is amateurish and gutter politics attempting to play republican voters as fools and slaves. Just because the "candidates" decide to support the nominee only because they signed a pledge when they thought Trump had no chance does not mean republican voters will fall in line and do as they are told. Especially, new voters Trump has brought to the party. Their first experience with the party is Romney, RNC and other candidates calling them stupid, ignorant, fools, crazies, angry mad people, and idiots.

Bringing the party together is more than just the candidates coming together. This has been the republicans problem for 60 years or better. They leave the republican voters out of the process. Blacks have cried that the republican party is racist because it shuns blacks and doesn't want to bring them into the party. Now, it's being clearly exposed that the republican party is not racist at all.

They don't want ANY new people brought into the party. They only want to retain control over the people they have had for years.

Vote for whoever you please.  But, not based on an organized witch hunt.

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