Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are blaming Trump for the recent violence in Chicago. However, they damn well know the only person responsible for inciting violence, attacks on the police and rioting is BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Trump is not the enemy, Obama, Hillary and Bernie are.

If the lesser Republican candidates had any honesty and integrity, they would be standing with Trump condemning Obama, Move On. Org., Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers among others. These are the groups who are attacking Trump and everyone’s First Amendment.

Trump’s supporters are LAW ABIDING, HARD WORKING and WELL BEHAVED people from all walks of life who just wanted to hear their favorite candidate. They did not start any trouble. It was the professional, paid agitators and anarchists encouraged by Obama and his ilk.

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are career politicians. They are jealous of the only REAL outsider and non-politician. Cruz and Rubio have never personally created any jobs. Cruz talks like a self-righteous preacher and intellectual and calls Trump EVIL.  Rubio is an anchor baby and traitor to the Tea Party because he pushed for AMNESTY and later endorsed Romney, who gave us Obama. Kasich is responsible for creating many jobs IN MEXICO because he voted for NAFTA when he was a Congressman, and now he is in favor of the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP and also favors legalizing the illegal aliens.

I wonder how Cruz, Rubio and Kasich would react if these same paid agitators disturbed their rallies and endangered their personal safety. Will they blame Trump again?

In closing, to those “Republicans” who say they will not vote for Trump, I say I never liked McCain and Romney, but I voted for them. You can do the same for Trump or switch your registration to Democrat.

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Comment by Derby Ulloa on March 14, 2016 at 8:53pm


Comment by Franklin W. on March 14, 2016 at 2:46pm

ALL Washington, both political parties, the POTUS, and propaganda media are scared out of their wits that a true outsider that has demonstrated that he will not be controlled will be the POTUS.

The RNC, closet democrat Romney, top establishment RINOs, and the 3 blind mice Rubio, Cruz, Kasich have plotted to rig the Republican Presidential nominee election.

They have laid plans to sabotage the 2016 National election and sabotage Republicans running for re-election or first time election for any office at any level of government.  

These are the true traitors, liars and con men.

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